Slowed way down here

Is it just me, or does it seem that the forums for BL3 has really slowed down?

We know there will always be attrition due to new games. But do youo think we lost a lot off players because of the bad release, all the bugs and nerfs? Granted they are making things better now, but it may be too little to late.

What do you think it will take for those gamers to return, because the DLC didn’t seem to do it, and it was a great DLC IMHO


No, it’s nothing unusual. It follows the usual pattern.

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I get that, normal attritian

People get hyped then burned out, nothing new. You can also see some old faces who got burned out months ago already back. When steam release and new DLC you will see spike again.

Once it gets past a year mostly a few of us trolls left. We lurk in the dark waiting to give a newbie advice and you will also see endgame strategy and builds list as well as fine tuned gear/weapon posts. Becomes more like a library at that point.


Standard operating procedures for most gaming fourms.
DLC additions and a few other things will create some surges in traffic but after awhile it will just be the same 1% of people who stick around.