"Smack attack" Slinger and Improved Genetic Syphon nurfs

Both pieces are Shayne & Aurox and Raths legendaries perspectively and both have a secondary stat of attack speed. Both of them well kinda suck now. Only 4% for a secondary stat on a piece of gear that costs 1800 crystals!!! That is strep especially when Shayne and Aurox’s already dose not work that great. I think secondary attack speed values should have not seen a whole 1% nurf more like 0.5% to help keep them competitive with other epic and legendary gear.

The funny part about that is a majority of the set legendaries aren’t any good for their character.

Rath’s attack speed is fine without over loading it. That nerf will really do nothing to the item at all.

Also who actually runs that on Shayne?

Slowly raises hand I actually think their legendary is really good, since it allows them to deal a large chunk of damage if their opponent tries to run away, which people usually do only when they’re at low-ish health.

you put your damn hand down lol

Someone help, I’m being repressed!

But no, I had it active in one game of Incursion, and I remember quite clearly hitting an enemy Isic who just Plasma dashed away for a little over 300 damage with one boomerang. Suffice to say he died and I felt like I had to taunt (Because I just can’t resist most of the time).