Smack Attack Slinger missing?

Hey guys. I just completed the S&A lore challenged today (obviously the last one being the buddy comedy one) but at my friend’s house on his console under my account. Returning home, I got the trophy but after checking the gear, I hadn’t received a Smack Attack. Would this be due to me swapping consoles or do I need to be rank 16 with S&A? I’m genuinely mortified if I’ve lost that…

Probably not. There have been some issues with the new patch. Double check your inventory isn’t full or that you didn’t miss it somehow. You might also try playing one more match. Then I’d put in a support ticket.

I’ll definitely give that a whirl, and if it’s not there after a couple of matches I’ll go check his console which sounds stupid but I’m gonna cover all bases.

I’m pretty new to the forums, any chance you know how to put in a ticket, @Misguided?

Sure thing: