Small annoying UI bugs

Since the last patch there’s a delay between seeing the leveling up and the sound, the sound triggers just fine the moment you level but theres a long delay before the graphic pops up on screen, it kind of detracts from that leveling up satisfaction
The quest log jumps from one quest back to the one you’re currently tracking constantly. Makes it hard to check over the quest log. I have checked whether this was due to a low left thumb stick dead zone and its not. Its the same thing that you just fixed on the map - where the ui would shift spots on the map without any user input.

other UI annoyances - can you allow us to see the other quests on the zone map even if you’re not tracking them? its really frustrating to have to swap what you’re tracking just to see the overview of what youve got to do in a zone.
Please please reduce the minimap overlay for the current quest area during combat. It makes it impossible to see where the enemies are unless you flip the tracked quest just as you enter combat.