Small Antifreeze Change

The 4th skill tree is here and needless to say I am excited to see the build diversity it allows. I think all who worked on it have done a great job with opening up different play styles with Zane. I have been messing around with non Seein’ Dead builds on the website and actually introducing myself to Zane’s other class mods, some for the first time. One class mod that I think has a lot of potential with the new tree is the Antifreeze. As of right now, it grants gun damage and damage reduction while Zane is airborne or sliding.

Originally this com could have been paired with airborne or sliding anointments and something to build around. However, these anointments have been removed from the game because they were never used because they were, well, ineffective. There is still a place for this bonus using a Snowdrift artifact and launcher on bosses, but it is more niche and honestly a mod locked behind difficulty level should be niche.

This is where the 4th skill tree now comes in. Zane is given a new skill where he can shoot while sprinting. If the bonus granted to Zane on this mod’s card effect were simply also given to him while he was sprinting, I think it would be a huge boost to this mod’s viability and would honestly still be in line with the theme of this class mod. I k

It would also introduce a little gameplay diversity. It would help out with the damage that players would sacrifice going down the Under Cover tree for Calm, Cool, Collected (which is going to have some nice synergy with Our Man Flynt and increased access to an Action Skill Start Frozen Heart). It would give players a reason to run at least one Proving Ground, which are in sore need of a reason to play even though they are great content. It would also give an extremely viable option to base game only players.

TL;DR please add “while sprinting” to the Antifreeze Class Mod and if it happened I would play with it regularly.