Small bugs/things we don't approve of

Things that bother us. Small things. Reload clipping (I mean canceling Melka’s reload because she melee’d at the last frame), or… The one that drives me insane… Stuns resetting the cd of any move that you use. Things that need fixing, but aren’t game breaking. The little things that can have a big impact. Another one I can think of is the if Benedict brushes a wall, he drops. I understand that he can’t … Well… Glide against a wall. But still. It’d be nice if it were just a slow descent, considering he can float in place.

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Imo this is pretty game breaking though, as whether or not a skill goes off can have a huge impact on the resulting fight, and thus game balance overall.

However, I’d welcome the change of not having my skills eaten due to unlucky timing, or having my reload reset 30 times because I need to melee an assassin off of my ass and he continuously closes the gap at that one final frame.

The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is the wonky and unintuitive hitboxes of a number of abilities. I can’t count the number of times I used Boldurdash and missed what felt like it should’ve been a hit, or when I hit a Shadowfire Pillar when I feel I shouldn’t have.

Juggling! It needs to end!
Force players to slide down instead of jumping back up when they drop on: Buildables, Sentries, Minions, Player characters etc!
Once jumped on the sentry in Overgrowth and it took me about 30 seconds to get down from there! Fun!

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Ghalt is buggy, his shotgun still seems to do no damage for some reason at times and it frequently disappears!

That depends, do you mean during aiming, or the executing animation? If you get stunned during your animation, that’s just a good player. If you get stunned while you’re aiming a skill that has an aiming mode, then that’s bullsh*t.


I think skills and ults being interrupted while aiming/casting/in progress is a cool element. Gives a chance of counterplay, especially against some more devastating attacks. You can see a skill or ult being aimed. You should be able to react.

Interrupting skills simply because you pressed the button but your character didn’t even have time to aim it? Pure luck…Eugh.


Interrupting while aiming is ridiculous. The only reason you have to aim is because this, unlike other moba’s, is a shooter. You don’t have range and placement memorized and easily set like in a top down environment.
And even when it’s right as you activate, that’s a little excessive. Example: charging up caldy’s ult. Getting hit by a knockback while doing that will give you full reset.

My real issue is that it’s a Full cd. If it were half, I’d be annoyed. But. I’d think it was a helluva lot more fair. It’d still be rewarding for good usage of crowd control, without ruining someone’s move who has a ridiculously long cooldown.

@timtoborne even aiming is a bit much. Example of one that’s okay vs one that isn’t: thorn’s ult. Stunning her during her charge? Skill! Rath knocking Toby up as right as Toby tries to aim his mine? Not so cool. If they were at half cd for crowd control, Toby might be able to pull another arc mine before being melted. As it is though, he’s dead.

Oh, and some moves I feel should continue while stunned. The only one off the top of my head is Boldur’s and Toby’s ult. Because it’s not like stunning Toby while he’s standing on top of Berg really makes sense to shut off his laser :slight_smile:

And I thought they fixed that in the last update? I know they fixed the point blank pellet issue, where you weren’t hitting anything with half your pellet up close.

That’s what I said. I just said it was bullsh*t.

When people defeat me!

Can we please fix that, Gearbox?

Nerf killing me, please.

It is currently broken.


Gotta make sure no melee can go near Toby once he gets his “double hugs” up.

I think there needs to be some sort of way to deny skills - if Toby is unfortunate enough to start aiming his skills while CC’d, it’s Tobys bad. As long as they had enough time to enter the aiming stage, it should interrupt and deny the skill.
If they just pressed the skill button, then it shouldn’t get be put on CD - the CC’er CC’d too early, then it’s on them.


Pulling up your Helix and the dang mouse won’t show.

You can go to options and change skills to “one button mode.” Skills will activate automatically after pressing that skill once. Of course, there is still a very slight aiming animation that you can still be stunned out of, but that’s a fair game mechanic.

Definitely. Even HALF CD is a lot, considering the fact that ultimate abilities typically have a cooldown of one minute or more and the abilities that cancel them and put them into cooldown usually have a cooldown of around 15 seconds.

@Moostacho How is that a fair game mechanic? It doesn’t make sense that an unused skill can go into cooldown without being used.

I wasn’t disagreeing with you, just being more specific in what I meant :slight_smile:
@reliikki oh definitely not! No melee allowed :stuck_out_tongue: nah, that’s why I say half cd’s. Still gives skill deniability, but doesn’t destroy you. Another one is Rath, now that he has a longer ult cd. Getting pulled/silenced by Gali every time you attempt to use it. Not even landing a single hit.

@Moostacho no I get what you mean. I use quick cast for accurate hits, not instant cast. And I totally agree that hitting someone right as they use a skill should deny them the skill. Just not for a full cooldown. Half is what HitS and OW (different genre, I know ) do. I can’t remember how LoL does it, to be honest.

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Why? The only other way to stun/silence someone out of a skill is during the skill itself, which is near impossible unless it’s an ultimate ability.

So we’ve got Galt’s shotgun still being buggy, juggling, mostly agreement on the skill resets, and a pc issue. Reloading and (imo) Benedict’s glide are on there too.

I know there’s more :stuck_out_tongue:

Enforcers/Nix/Hylis pushback with the gun. IT SUCKS AS MELEE CHARACTER.

They can do that spin attack fine, but I HATE being pushed away since that stupid Thrall is trying to aim at me, pushing me away without attacking.

If you don’t have some speed buffs you will waste most of Raths damage from his dreadwind if you attempt to hit one of these guys.

Then, if NPCs are STUNNED they shouldn’t have the staggering animation if you wail on them as melee… it is annoying if you go for the Stun on Rath (I know, who does that? Me apparently…) and miss lot of damage cause your stunned enemy is like “Ouch, I was stunned, but now I step away one and half steps so you can’t crit me and miss a few hits. Ouch.” Also, Geoffs “Invincible” pose when he’s about to do his stomp, if I want to chop away that silver of life now, don’t take that chance away from me.

Also, in general, Melee characters should have some Knockback resistance. Getting killed from the Bargranth in the Heliophage cause you need to go hugging and forget to postion you that one time correctly is annoying. Also… RENDAIN. No fun as Melee character with all that Knockback and that Swirling Blades he does.

Not game breaking stuff, but changes would be appreciated.

More melee friendly campaign :stuck_out_tongue: we’ll go with that. Although Rendain was super easy for me…