Small bugs/things we don't approve of

Or while they’re aiming it, which is still required for most skills. It literally makes zero sense for unused skills to have to cool down. Even if it’s difficult to do intentionally, it’s still going to happen and it just shouldn’t.

Yeah, there is so much knockback and push (especially due to wonky collisions on many bigger enemies) in story mode! And then there’s ISIC… :unamused:

Atticus is the only melee who can solo story pretty well. The rest… Too squishy. Maybe kelvin?

Speaking of knockback and push, how about cutting back on those things so that we don’t get knocked off of certain campaign maps constantly, even over the top of the safety railings.


  • Bosses repeatedly becoming invincible based on health, with nothing you can do to prevent it
  • Being required to be shot by Geoff on Algorithm while he’s invincible
  • Being required to play through 30 minutes of a story mission just for an attempt at getting a drop and then not getting one, repeatedly
  • Excessively long crowd control from some enemies in story
  • Being OHK’d by enemies in story
  • (Almost) Every single melee character in the game being given ranged basic attacks or the ability to choose them
  • Blatantly overpowered characters not being fixed
  • Characters being overbuffed
  • Characters and legendaries that were fine being changed, sometimes without the players being informed
  • Not being able to play a custom match to test a character without having AI on the enemy team
  • Not being able to play against somebody on the same console in a custom match while splitscreening’
  • Not having the option to quit private missions but still receive the rewards
  • Useless legendaries (+4% move speed while blind? Increased shield recharge rage while full health? Really?) and receiving said worthless legendaries repeatedly
  • The games ridiculously expensive gear packs and the abysmal drop rate of legendaries and character customization items, especially paired with the above point about worthless legendaries

Deande has stealth and superb life steal.

I play Miko a lot and it is frustrating that his robes clip through his legs and shoulders. I mean come on! I have a huge respect for any company that takes a little time to fix those kinds of things. The best example of recent years is ME: SoM. There are a bunch of different skins for talion and each of them feels crafted and cared for. It’s such a small detail but it makes a world of difference in becoming engrossed in the game world. Cause now I have to suspend my disbelief and just assume that clothing in the reality of BB phases through body parts. Either that or perhaps the clothes are really holograms and as such have weird glitches where they go through body parts. I mean seriously! Just fix that please!

The clothes are part of him :stuck_out_tongue: it’s just his body reconfiguring as he moves. There, disbelief suspended!

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Alright maybe, now I can play this game and believe that it is reality. :laughing:

OH! And just something smaller, when playing as a melee char and swinging at any walls it normally wont register you hitting the will with a vibration. But when you swing at the doors that open up on the sides at the beginning of overgrowth it will vibrate as it detects you hit a wall.