Small desired character tweaks

What sort of small character tweaks would you like to see? Not necessarily things that are outright buffs/nerfs, but just something which would make playing the character feel more smooth or just overall more ideal.
As of now, I can think of 4 changes:

  • Alani - Heal oneself by pressing the reload button
  • Attikus - Empower the next skill by pressing the reload button
  • Miko - Enable his healing beam to override his reload
  • Toby - Don’t reset the current cooldown of a boost upon using one

Short and simple. I know that the changes for Alani and Attikus at least have been discussed before, but it’d be nice to have those small tweaks centered for discussion in one thread!

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I’m not sure I agree with the Attikus change. Because his charges are only consumed when he’s at full charge (which is entirely predictable), my guess is that you’re trying to ask the devs for you to be able to avoid consuming charges upon using a skill like Pounce to initiate the fight so that you can either maintain the 25% shield penetration or immediately follow it up with a charged Hedronic Arc. I think part of the balance though behind Attikus is to prevent you from storing charges while still using your skills. I’m not saying it won’t or shouldn’t happen, but changing that would definitely alter his playstyle significantly.

Something I could see would be allowing him to consume a single charge via the reload button (either at any time or only when he’s fully charged) to refill his shield or something similar. It gives you most of what you want (you’ll still maintain 4 out of 5 charges when you use Pounce to initiate instead of having 0) without basically allowing making it so that charge consumption is on demand rather than first come.

The same is kind of true with Toby, but to a lesser extent. Forcing you to wait between using charges to see them begin recharging is probably something they factored into his playstyle to prevent him from overusing the charges.

A small (which I’m basically reading as “QoL”) change I’d like would be removing the “aiming” delay at the start of Chomp and Shield Booster (especially Shield Booster; there are probably other attacks that I would mentioned if I went over them all that fill a similar need, but I can’t think of them now). The delay on Chomp just give your allies time to kill your target and the delay on Shield Booster doesn’t even make sense because the skill isn’t even consumed if it doesn’t hit someone (so you don’t even have a good reason to spend time actually aiming it).

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I second Kitru on how those may be intended. The others? Yes please. I also want enemy Alani’s to have a different color for their Riptide, as it is very misleading jumping in for healing and being slowed instead.


I agree with @Kitru on Toby’s charges; if i could spam all three charges and then have them all cool down individually, it would make it too hard for melee to kill Toby, and they’re already at a disadvantage against him, even without the Double Hug.

Short shorts skin for Whiskey. That is all.

EDIT: TIGHT. shorts.


Whiskey Foxtrot (as ripped from Family Guy): Who wears short shorts? I WEAR SHORT SHORTS!!

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I would like to see this for all characters really with AOE colored skills. It’s annoying to not know the difference between a friendly or enemy airstrike/shadowfire/extinction event etc. At least the outline color could be made different, or something to help us tell them apart in the midst of a big firefight.

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I thought that they had done that with a vast majority of AoEs? Don’t friendly AoEs have the green circle showing their radius while unfriendly AoEs have a kind of spiky red ring showing their radius? I think even Alani’s Riptide has a similar thing, though it’s kind of buried beneath the visual effect.

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Ninjad by @Kitru :heart:

There should be a red edgy line arround enemy AOE attacks.

Maybe its optional and you´ve to activate it in the options? (Never had to activate it, I think it was “just there”)

I think you’re right, but it’s so buried in all of the other visual effects going off it’s really hard to tell. I would much prefer the whole thing be a different color entirely.

Riptide has it? I’ve never seen it. I’ll look more closely. I wish it was like, red or something though. Tinted the enemy color

Agree with the Alani change. I find it so annoying when you’re trying to heal yourself and you accidentally heal someone else or a minion. To get round this I usually aim downwards but it’s still really awkward. Putting self heal on the reload button would save a lot of hassle.

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Probably where pendles speaks lines cloaked, but where you can’t hear them only the person playing pendles cloaked, seriously I’ve never hear his start of battle lines and after teleport action lines

Remove the pushback on things like Gravitic Burst and Injection.

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Increase the pushback on gravitic burst by 4000%. Best zoner in the game. Boom, (Kid) Ultra viable

Can it be knockback so it can stun?

Too weak. Let’s make it a pull instead. That also throws you up. Roughly a claw lunge backwards. If you hit the ground or a wall during your flight, then you are stunned

I’m assuming the hitbox would be 10x smaller than what it is now?

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He’s already getting this for his ult, what do you want a Caldy/Kelvin Hybrid you crazy?

Yes. Make it so whenever he uses Gravitic Burst, he flies around freely stabbing everyone he comes in contact with, stunning them, and being invulnerable while doing so.