Small nitpick on the new update

Please dont get rid of the Cyber spike annoint- its one of the most fun annoints on Rakk Flak. With ASE elements and splash damage buffs on coms- it does nice damage and having what is basically a lump rocket launcher shot on ASE is insanely cool. Furthermore, with the new Rakk buffs (read as fixed Headcount) we now have a Bloodwing ish build.


Imagine if they buffed it instead to launch 3 cyber spikes or something.

kind of wish they buffed the +40 sliding anoint too

Sliding annoint would always be bad because of the character specific annoints-unless they buffed it to like 150%, in which case all character annoints would be useless. The Cyber Spike is wholly unique and does what no other annoint does

Iā€™m glad that the slide and airborne anoints are gone.

The cyber spike anoint is niche for sure but I seem to recall people found that it worked impressively well with an Unforgiven.

Of the 21 anoints that got the axe, if we had to bring one back, I could see an argument for bringing back the cyber spike.

I am sad to see that one go. I, too, liked it on my Rakk Attack Fl4k.

I liked it on the Eruption CoV AR-Rakks cancel the reload and sends more debuff missiles.