Small Patch list is appreciated/ QOL - Ps4

Love the game, have a few things i hope get patched for QoL.

  • Make active skills bigger on exp bar. Would also love to be able to see what skills are active on the fly without needing to laser eye my vision at them. It helps when you’re trying new builds and see what is proccing.

  • Audio bugs while on Athenas/Eden 6/Randomly while in coop mode with friend. Sometimes the world will sound hollow like you’re shell-shocked and you can’t hear much. Sometimes echo tapes will play for 1 of us but not the other. Multiiple times.

  • More inventory space if possible.

  • Console Specific, Aiming is a bit rough but I only have 2 really specific buffs for aiming that weren’t issues in BL2. (1) Shield booster drops, and the shield that drops pills should have their pick up radiuses increased. (2) Picking up a downed teammate should have their revive target radius increased in terms of looking at them. I’ve lost so much time and potential resurrections from not getting the pin-point perfect looking at my teammate.

  • (Addition) Echo screen loading times, please be faster. I went into a fight with Amara and needed to switch elements in a Coop mode and i was like “okay, i just need 3 seconds for you to cover me” 10 seconds later i’m leaving the menu because my skill tree still hasn’t loaded. =/ I didn’t get to swap the skill, and i felt useless @_@


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