Small plea to the developers: If you're actually going to do something for 100+ commander rank and 15+ charcter rank, please, consider this

I’ve seen plenty of banter regarding the progression beyond commander rank 100 and character level 15 around here. And I kinda agree, it will both keep players hooked and maintain that feeling or being rewarded/achieving something. And will also solve the issue of guys who have those “Master of battleborn name” guys never actually playing that exact battleborn they are masters of. But that was just a side not, let me get down to business.

I myself hit 100 commander rank pretty long ago (during the first double everything weekend). And after that I have not just played a lot, I’ve cleared a lot of those challenges that award 500 commander rank points. I would be probably tearing my hair out if a system that allows to level beyond limits comes out, and I’m just literally robbed of all those commander rank points I received while being a level 100.

So, what I’m asking is: if/when you are going to implement leveling beyond limits system, please immediately give all the players who already has 100cr/15char level by this time the experience they earned after maxing their respective level out. As much as possible. Please. Thanks in advance.

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Haha, I think about it every time I receive another +500 command XP from a challenge)

I can imagine that if they did that, by e.g. increasing the maximum CR to 250, lots of people would have already accumulated so much XP they would instantly get to that 250.

It’s just a wild guess, but I don’t think they are tracking the wasted experience points.

Yeah I felt the same way. So many +500 rank & credits. I mean command rank is useless anyway (should have just capped at 40 if there was nothing afterwards)

I don’t mean to steal this thread but I also had a question to anyone if they might know:
I’m sitting at around 50k tokens. I’m just hoarding them because skins/taunts are “meh” and the percentage to get a legendary from loot packs is so rare its kinda not worth it. Plus I have ~160 pieces of gear so it’s not like I’ll get anything too different as I have a wide variety. Does anyone know if these tokens will be used for something else later on? I’m saving them for no reason I guess

(and btw I bought Deluxe version so don’t need them for new characters as I will get keys to unlock them anyway)

New characters. But if you have season pass - you got that covered. When I reached 100k credits, I thought “fudge it” and blew it all on faction packs. Got 2 taunts for my beloved Thorn <3 A couple of legendaries and skins.

I am not near half the max level but i do would enjoy if there was a post 100 level reward system with the experience. Maybe turn it into a prestige system where each extra level will reward you with loot boxes? Or give a in-game currency discount so that turning the experience into coins will be used more often and thus more motivation to keep playing? I am sure Gearbox will think of something.

This thread is kinda not about this, but about presering the wasted experience for those who already reached command rank of 100 if a system like that will be released in the future.