Small project to get into modding again

Still very much in progress, but I figured I’d share:

I’m going off an old bit of concept art from Homeworld 1 since I spent a while trying to make stuff and couldn’t get any good ideas going. Not super happy with it so far, feels like the art implies something curvier, and I can’t figure out what to do with the bridge yet.

Current plan is to get the model done and attempt to texture it, then see if I can get it into the game. Half to see if I can, half to get a feel for things before I get stuck into something bigger.


Looks good to me! In my limited experience it is best to start with a complete low poly ship and gradually refine it, so I wouldn’t worry about the curves for the moment.

It’s gonna be great. I can’t wait to see the final model.

Also the first thing that struck me when I first saw this was: “God, this looks so authenticaly Homeworld”. Then I saw the concept art and it clicked.

I agree that the picture is way curvier, the engine block is pretty much whole round, shaped like a blender jar.
The engine tapering isn’t shaped the way you have it. The edge of a side wall continues horizontally as it tapers to the middle.

The bridge on the concept is longer (Z-axis wise).
Also I think the whole ship is a little bit, about 15% taller (Y-axis).

As I said, this will be a great ship.

Good points Pouk. Just started working on it again, I think the bridge is looking better now:


So, Deserts of Kharak is good and I blame it entirely for not working on this more. Also my depression but that’s neither here nor there

Switching to Blender was another delay, but I have got it a bit further along:

Still messing around with the proportions a lot, but i’m feeling a bit happier with it. Will probably get more done in the next few weeks since i’ll be without proper internet for a bit.


That’s looking really great! Personally I wouldn’t fret much over the engine not being curvy… certainly if you’re trying to make the concept verbatim, you can worry about it if you want, but the hard edges seem to evoke HW design more than a rounded-off one would in my eyes.

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[quote=“Kragle, post:7, topic:1201427”]
hard edges seem to evoke HW design more than a rounded-off one would
[/quote] I totally agree :smiley:

Yeah, not long after I posted that I decided keeping too close to the art isn’t the way to go, as it’s just a starting point anyway. That it’s less work is fine by me too of course.

It’s interesting how the series’ aesthetic developed from HW1, where there’s a lot of implied geometry and a lot of the blockyness is from hardware limits, to Cata where there’s a bit more breathing room but it ends up being the worst off for it, to HW2 where things converge and the hard edged look becomes more deliberate.

This leads to some strangeness in HW:RM with some ships being updates of the original model (there’s some really weird details because of this) and others being new models of the original design before it got hit by late 90s 3d (the ghost ship is the big winner there, in an ideal world everything could’ve got that kind of attention) and the attempt to unify the look across the games not entirely working.

So… in the end i’d say there’s more important elements than the kind of edge. What sets Homeworld’s art apart from what inspired it as it’s own thing is (to my eye) a sense of weight, and greater attention to detail and functionality. This is partly the requirements of being a game, but if you look at (as one example) Chris Foss’ art it’s more fantastical. Kind of an aeronautical quality, like you could cut it open and see something like a fighter jet’s innards.

Any of that make sense?


Yes, you are making total sense. Weight and functionality are indeed the cornerstones of HW aesthetic inasmuch as I know!

But of course, as it has been observed before, one key difference between 1 and 2 is that HW1 ships had much more form, features and bulk along all axes in general, whereas HW2 tended towards having more planar ships.