Small QOL suggestion about Reticle Lowering

So, I’m very happy that there’s more options for quality of life with the game and motion sickness. When BL2 first came out, I never had an issue with it, but a couple years ago trying to play that game led to bad headaches just a couple hours into play. So, BL3 having stuff like headbob reduction and reticle lowering was definitely a big help.

But I think reticle lowering should be changed to just lower the gun model instead. While it’s nice that lowering the reticle also does lower the gun model, it doesn’t end up really helping because now you have to look lower and the gun obscures the same amount of your personal field of vision.

If the reticle stayed centered but the gun was lowered, this would help by giving back screen real estate that I can actually see since I’m not forced to look down, and also reduce motion sickness for people that are sensitive to the movement of the gun while sprinting. If there are a lot of people who like it as is, this could be a separate option to just lower the gun.