Small Quality of Life BL3 Suggestion

I have small suggestion to speed up farming, adding an (optional) hotkey to reset the map and respawn the boss.
For example, if you killed Graveward, and pressed whatever key this would be binded to, the map will reset automatically and Graveward would respawn.



Couldn’t agree more. Save quitting is a PITA on PC, I can only imagine how much more painful it must be for console players. A bigass [Reset Boss/Zone/Level] button would be really useful, I think.


I am posting these here as a reminder to the higher ups and the bore of exiting a game to make something respawn:

I could post more,…


I agree with the OP and @jbow2020 - this definitely is something that has been mentioned many, many times in these forums. It is kind of mystifying that there is not a better way to farm than the old save/quit method. It takes forever on console.

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And here I would be happy just to be able to reset individual missions . . .

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A way to see a list of all loot currently on the map, and a way to clear it would be nice too.

The best part is that they ALMOST got it working in the Slaughter arenas. If you start a new round, the barrels and chests (and maybe other things) respawn. With a press of a button. No need to even reload the area.

This would be really cool and I hope they do it in time. I’ve been playing this game for a year on PS4 and the main thing I’m looking forward to in the next generation of consoles is faster consoles. Now that’s saying something, and I’m not sure it’s good :sweat_smile:

While we’re at it, how about not dumping people out in multiplayer. So you reset it and they just stay connected like when fast traveling. Having to quit to the lobby and come back in is a pain…having to rejoin every time is worse IMO.

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