Small request, nothing important though

…nothing major, if I don’t receive it, I will be just fine. No harm asking though right?

So I had the game preordered, typical story, came out, played with some friends etc. Well once I hit level 25ish, IRL stuff came up(work, date, etc) so I stopped playing for a couple days. When I came back I found my account was getting hacked. I logged into the game and noticed a couple things. 1 and the one that bummed me out the most, my character was gone. 2 my name was changed to something very inappropriate. Well its since been fixed but my character is still gone. I am finally getting around to playing it again, but getting tired of the lack of backpack space. So figured I would ask if anyone would be willing to part with some cash so I could buy some SDUs lol.

Epic Games Display Name is WolfXRunner

man i can come to your sanctuary shoot you some level 50 guns with my gun gun. and you can sell them and make millions. pm me your epic name because im busy rn. and can forget this post.

I dont think I can send PMs, if so I am not sure how. Sorry new to the forums. Anyways I posted my Epic name above. Feel free to send me a friend request if you do see this :slight_smile:

i sent you invite from epic. accept it and i can get you some cash :slight_smile: