Small requests for BL3

Like most BL fans I am excited and can’t wait for BL3. But I must say there are five things that bother me with BL2 that I hope the devs changed or add into BL3.

I’ll get right to the point:

  1. Seat switching in vehicles option. HOLD box to seat switch. Entering and exiting vehicle in BL2 is kind of strange. Exit with O enter with box? Can they be the same button/can I make Exit/Enter the same button In BL3?

  2. Third person OPTION(AL) for single player. Would love the option to see character in these environments and not just in the main menu. Plus a first person driving OPTION(AL).

  3. Are there melee weapons in BL3? This is just a dream if mines tbh. I’d love to get up close and personal with enemies.

  4. It would be cool if you get level points as soon as you rank up instead of at level 5. Very small live with or with out one right here.

  5. Sprint to sliding addition would be cool. Currently when under-fire close to death I try running and sliding to cover (bad habit). I really wish we could roll or slide into cover.

Every single thing else is perfect In BL2. Or at least I cant think of anything else. None of the listed items are major problems but I’d love the game that much more if these thing were at least discussed or looked at and thought about for BL3. These are very small issue that Im sure the devs will have no problem with looking into.

Thanks for reading.

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