Small suggestion - allow change map of vote?

Not a huge issue, but I’ve played The Experiment and The Sentinel more times than I’ve cared to because I’ve alt tabbed to watch a youtube vid, and when I click back into the game my click falls through onto some map I don’t want.

Can there be a way that we can change our map decision after the fact, such as having a grace repick?

Alternatively maybe we can have a way to soft lock our pick so that we’re counted as “no preference” while we’re choosing, but after picking a map and confirming we switch to that map?

Update for clarity:

I’m specifically talking about map selection in Public match making. I realize there’s an option of setting it up privately and picking a particular map, but that’s not quite what I’m wanting to do. The issue is not that I don’t get the map I want; just that my vote is often times accidentally wasted when I come back into the game to pick a map.

Why don’t you just choose a map when you queue?

I wasn’t aware that’s a thing you can do…

You can’t do that though?

Solo queue you can select the map.

Select Private story, then it should list all of the maps for you to choose

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Sure you can. You pick normal or advanced mode then you get put in queue for other players. Once your team is formed you get a choice of maps. Just pick one.

The OP is not choosing a map because he is alt-tabbed out of the game. He can simply not afk and choose a map instead of his teammates or the game choosing for him.

It can take a long time to find a match. If you want to look at the screen for that time, sure, go ahead. Other people might decide to do something else in the mean time. As long as they get into the match in time…

Well, yes. But I assume OP was talking about public games.

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He didn’t say if he was in public in the OP just that he queues for the game. I posted because I thought he might not have noticed that it is an option because he doesn’t say that other people vote for a map he doesn’t like.

Edited: for friendliness =)

Sorry for being rude. I guess you could think of it that way, my bad! :frowning:
In a solo queue situation you could just pick the map before alt-tabbing or just leave the game and pick again so I assumed this was purely about map voting in public queue.
Shouldn’t assume that everyone gets to exactly the same assumptions as me every time. (That would be a terrifying world indeed. I’m a total nut-brain. Please don’t follow my lead, world! :grin::sweat_smile:)

Its cool, I just don’t want someone to feel bad if they didn’t know about the private story mode or private pvp mode, in the menu the options for both are small in comparison to the public queue options.

I see this all the time when people ask for bot matches and don’t know that the private queue does have bots.

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True, I should edit my original post :slight_smile:

I’m glad that issue was resolved.

But please let’s always strive to be polite. Communicating nuance online is exceptionally challenging, and short of having a rapport with that person, it may prove exceptionally difficult.

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Oh my. I didn’t get to check up on this thread until just now; glad that that got resolved.

Sorry on my part as well; I forgot about private match making when I posted this. I’ll go ahead and update my post as well.

I am indeed talking specifically about public matches where I just hop into queue and wait to get put into a group. The issue is not that I don’t get the map that I want. Rather, when I try to get back into the game after I’ve alt-tabbed out mouse clicks don’t always work as intended, and this usually results in me accidentally wasting my vote.

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