Small thing that bugs me

In the character page of the command section, Deande’s headshot shows her facial tattoos and hair on the opposite side that it is on her actual character model.

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She just made a selfie of herself! ;D

But honestly, when I saw that, it bothered me too. Doesn’t really make sense to me… But I haven’t really looked if other characters have it too.

I haven’t noticed it on any of the other characters, but it’s possible she’s the only one thats asymmetrical enough it’s noticeable without scrutiny. It’s also possible that I, um, examine hers a little more often…

That sounded a little dirtier than I meant it. Oops.

actually on that note( of her picture being depicted wrong?) is it just me or does her right hand’s sleeve(the end of it where the trimming is) look pixelated as hell when you play as her? Can’t tell it its meant to be lace or something like that

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I thought the texture was broken!

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