Small UI Request

So salvage corvettes don’t have a button on the UI to allow the ship to target a ship for salvaging. This isn’t a huge problem with them as they automatically use it as their default action, but if I give the ability to the raider standard corvette then I have to use the clunky shift-right-click menu to access it, which is annoying to say the least. @Burly Fix please? :slight_smile:

Why? You simple right click on your target while your salvage corvette is selected…

Did you even read my post? If you mod it onto something that can attack you have to use the shift right click menu in order to use it.

If it’s a mod shouldn’t it be in the modding section?

I would define it as a missing standard feature that would, as a consequence, help certain mod ships as well.
Although I pay no attention to these UI buttons on the right, so I don’t know whether it’s really missing, but why shouldn’t I believe Stuart if he says so.

Oh I have no doubt it is probably missing but since it is something only realistically effects a mod it might get more traction in the modding section. shrug Just trying to help.

Hey and how would you define this for instance (just a question, I’m curious):

I want to be able to deactivate the bottom right button menu to give more space for build menu.
-It’s a reasonable UI request. I don’t use it as I meantioned in the post earlier, to me it only clutters the view.

Now I wouldn’t say the real reason, but a significant part of why I would like to be able to switch it off is my mod… There’ll be a lot more ships to build but they won’t all fit in the build menu. And they’ll have to give space to the array of buttons I don’t think most of the people really use, nor even pay attention to.

It’s a gray area, It’s not really a modding topic, it’s very much a question of the core game. It does affect modding, but we’re not even discussing modding here. It’s a request to developers.

Just trying to help

I wasn’t defensive. I just expressed my oppinion into a discussion and added my own request.