Small vault cleaning trade/ LF items (Pics)

GT: Lord Drewbie (with one space)

                  **Items I'm looking for**

50% with SNTNL Queens/Kings Call

It’s P!ss grenade with 25% dmg on use Annoint

Seein’ Dead (Preferably with 4-5 Donnybrook, and Great to God bonuses)(crit, dmg, mag size, etc.)

Elemental Projector Victory Rush (great-god qualities) or a very good ‘The Transformer’

A x14 Brainstormer with 50% Cryo from SNTNL

x6 Dictator with Cryo from SNTNL

Redistrubuter with Cryo from SNTNL!

        ***Item's I have to trade*** 

Hey man, I’ve got the brainstormer, the dictator and the it’s Piss your looking for. I’m interested in the mirvtacular hex with shock on ase, the nuclear infinity with terror annoint, and the sprint rough rider with sntl annoint my gt is Ye olde wolf

Sounds good, I’m on now, Gt is Lord Drewbie

Hey man sorry I missed your msg I’m still at work at the moment but I will msg you later. I can send through the mail if you would like

Sounds good man. No rush.

Hey man would you happen to have any cutsmans with gamma burst annoint

I think I added you on Xbox but I’m not 100% sure. I always check the acheivements and it said you had no borderlands acheivements unlocked so if you could confirm whenever you get a chance I will send that stuff your way

I’ll message you once I get home tonight. Should be under ‘Lord Drewbie’ with one space.