Smaller tree's with BIG differences or Bigger tree's with SMALL differences?

This is something I’ve been wondering what people would like more? In Borderlands you had a smaller tree. You can easily fill out 2 tree’s in one playthrough almost a third one too, and the skills in those tree’s were a big difference in your overall power/defense. Then Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel came out and those skill boosts became…slightly smaller but you got a bigger skill tree. No longer you have to 5/5 the last tier, the middle/last tier were always a 1 point skill and usually they be the best skills. Due to having a bigger skill tree though, it took longer to fill up the tree…most likely 1 playthrough to fill up 1 tree.

My question is-- which do you like more? smaller tree’s with BIG differences or bigger tree’s with small differences?

All just depends. About everything actually: your character what you play, play style, what you want to do and where. There are some situations when you need like 12 skill points e.g. B0re Hyperius with Zer0. Rest of points are just irrelevant, because you still gona do it, not specing all points. But overall I think it’s better to have bigger skill tree with smaller differences than smaller with bigger differences. Bigger skill tree allows you to create some really interesting and crazy builds for each character. While smaller skill tree is focus strongly on certain play style: melee, pistol etc. Not giving bonuses to other aspects. So I guess bigger skill tree with smaller differences is better.

My favorite trees are Christmas trees.

Seriousness time… each game had it’s pluses & minuses over the other ( BL vs. BL2 ).

I ( sort of ) like the variety of skills in BL2. More nuanced, tailored, personal based around what each player finds the most useful. I don’t mind that.

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Whatever nets more variety of gameplay mechanics would get my vote. If it’s a close race, it would come down to which skills I personally preferred in one or the other.

I like BL 2’s better because there seems to be more symmetry between the skills. That and I don’t think capstone skills need more than 1 point.