"Smart Builds": Maya

This is cool!
So I use this:

Sandhawk: fire/shock/corrosive
Norfleet: fire (until I get shock and corrosive)

Legendary Cat
Legendary Siren
Breakneck Banshee: for farming LLM, Snowman, or whatever else really. I also spec into Fleet 5/5 for that. Been using it alot to farm for stuff for Salvador.
Blurred Trickster: for Chain Reaction of course

Sham: for Shamfleeting…
Rough Rider: see Breakneck Banshee

Bone of the Ancients: whichever one is called for

Magic Missiles: x2, never found x4
Singularity: of some sort

IDK if I am missing anything…

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It’s an interesting thing to me that there are so many points where any of us may catch ourselves looking at each others’ choices and saying, “that’s not how I’d have done that”. Yet, each of us has presumably taken on the same content, using these varied choices successfully.

I’m enjoying your posts!

I run this: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#505011300052255103210553510511
These days I play mostly co-op, this build gets me through everything I encounter. I run a Legendary Binder at all times, it’s my favorite COM in the game. My normal gear is:
DPUH (for when I’m low on sniper ammo)
Fire Pimp (main weapon)
Slag Pimp/Corrosive Pimp/Shock Ladyfist (For elemental matching)
Slag Rubi (for when I’m low on health and without an easy kill, to use with Chain Lightning or Cloud Kill)

Matching BoA
Antagonist (because I love it. More slag doesn’t matter, but let’s face it, watching someone proc CK on themselves will never get old)
Chain Lightning (For heals, or stripping enemy shields) or a 0.0 Lobbed Slag Transfusion during Raids for my friends.

I occasionally use that one point in Fleet to become Sonic, and for Raid fights I put on a Turtle shield which puts me at 4k health so with a Nurse COM I can “Extreme Healthgate” everything. Basically I dick around and have a wonderful time with this build and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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I use the following as my general all-purpose Maya build: Maya Build

I spec one point in Res for when I play co-op, but even solo don’t mess with it as I find the single point doesn’t worry me too much.

I tried Thoughtlock but couldn’t get on with it. My emphasis is on getting PL up and running as much as possible and letting Ruin, Converge, Wreck and Chain Reaction obliterate anything, while the points in Sweet Release, Elated and Sustenance mean that I very rarely ever have to worry about dying. I use a Legendary Cat almost exclusively, being lucky enough to have found one with a 136% damage buff. But on the occasion where I want to concentrate on other weapons and maybe switch to a Legendary Binder or Siren COM, I find I don’t really need to change my build to compensate.

I use a BoA pretty much all the time. Default is Shock, but I also have Corrosive and Incendiary versions for different occasions. My shield is almost always an Antagonist and that, coupled with Magic Missiles and the Slag effects from Ruin, mean I don’t really need a slag weapon taking up a slot.

Default gun is a Florentine. What I love about it is if I wanted to I could pretty much never use anything else. With the boosts from the Cat and the BoA, I can tear up both flesh and armoured enemies equally and it’s very good on the rare occasions I do go into FFYL. Rabid Stalkers in particular hold no fear for Maya as I just PL them and let the Florentine finish them off. Don’t need to switch to an incendiary once the shields are down. It’s the only gun I use to farm the Beatdown, for example.

Other situational weapons include:

DPUH (of course!)
Corrosive Pimp (although I need to redo all quests to get a better one now I’m at OP8)
The Bee (for certain bosses)
Sapping Sandhawk (largely for Bee combo)
Incendiary White Death
Lady Fist

I would like a Thunderball Fists but Flynt is being a little stingy lately. And I aim to get a Shock and Fire Pimp when I start OP8 story mode.

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I usually run this build : http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#415001400044154105113551510501

No matters if I’m playing co-op or solo, as @Chuck80 said it, 2 points for Res and Restoration are worth it :smile:
I don’t like to respec just for that ^^.
I’m only playing in OP8 unless I’m helping someone to Xp/Op up.

That build allows me to switch between Leg Siren, Leg Binder and Leg Cat when needed.
I mobb with Leg Binder most of the time, Leg Cat is for farming Bosses or Leg Siren when survivability could become an issue.

And I get a bunch of gear to combine well with that :wink:
BoA matching the effective element of the area I’m in.
Slag Norfleet for FFYL.
Grounded Bee/Evolution/Blockade as main shields and Antagonist/Neogenator/Sham as situational ones.
Bekah (I’m still learning how to do it good with it)
Full set of Pimpernels
Full set of Sandhawks
Hard Unkempt Harold
Bad and Good Touch (that 70% crit bonus is really a pain when Bee is on)
Heartbreaker (I’m a Moxxi fan)
Kittens Shock/Corro/Fire (I’m a Mox… well, you know !)
Lucid Florentine (Leg Cat+BoA Shock+Bee, and you wreck everything damn fast)
Full set of Bitchs (but they’re sleeping in my Bank)
Sticky Longbow Quasar as main grenade and Chain Lightning if grenade regen is needed.
And some other stuff I just can’t remind now !! :sweat_smile:

I can face everything (except Raid Bosses but I don’t care) with Maya and I really enjoy her ability to crowd control ^^

Edit : Well, I checked my Backpack last evening, and I hadn’t forgotten so much gear in my list ! :smile:
I have a Practicable Fire Slow Hand and an Apt Hellfire for burning purposes and a Stopping Lascaux for “spray and pray” moments ^^

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I know I have been mentioned but here is my build


I use
2 Pimps, fire and corrosive
1 Bekah for when either I run low on pimp ammo or certain times where it just does better than the pimp
1 Twister for enemies that are in my face where its hard to pimp and too close for bekah split.

Blockade, Legendary Siren, Bone, and Quasar

I have a few backups, sandhawk for raiding, hail and kittens, grog for raiding, norfleet for hyperious, and a few other items I like to have around. Bee shield for bosses and raiding, leg cat and trickster com as well.

I first made my build right when the second UVHM cap came out and I was sick of always respecing, so I wanted the One Build to rule them all (not the best, just something that was good enough for everything)

I made it so I could wear all 4 legendary com’s and have points in all those skills, I called it a kitchen sink build at the time. Since then I’ve moved a few points around. I dropped the one point in helios because I just never found a reason to really wear the Binder. More recently I moved one point to cloud kill.

But with this build I can be DPS focused, Nurse focused, I can raid, I can solo, etc…

But not only can I do a lot without pausing to swap everything around. WEP is a good example that map has armor, heavy shields with stalkers, flesh, fire resistant flesh, pretty much everything you can run into you do in that map. A lot of builds have a grog to heal, a second wind gun, one primary DPS gun, and one more all purpose gun. With a set up like that you can’t match elements without pausing the game. With my set up I have everything I need. I can swap my bone to match a most common enemy type but I also don’t need the bone for DPS.

So I think its a smart build because it uses skill points to free up weapon and gear slots, life tap and healing allows me to not need moxxi guns and a chain lighting, Immolate and solid guns means I don’t need a FFYL gun. Now I have 4 weapons slots that all can do a different thing and be ready for everything. I have have a quasar that can be a life saver but also makes skills like chain reaction and cloud kill better.

Then I take it to the next level by having 4 guns with heavy Chain Reaction synergy, bekah and pimp have bullet split, twister and bekah have penetration. Pimp also gets reaper on splash. All 4 guns also have great Restoration synergy in 2 ways. One they all can get my friends past healthgate in a single hit, but also I can hit an enemy and heal an ally with a single shot with all 4 guns (pimp 5 pellet split, bekah and twister penetration).

So it for me is about, synergy with skills, preparing for all situations, and being able to hop from solo to co-op, raiding, mobbing, anything. There are 2 raids I respec for still solo, but not co-op.


So I recently tried to make a build around the Cleric COM and I currently have this:


Guns are: Roksalts (fire and corrosive), Sledge’s Shotguns (fire and corrosive) Twister, Pimpernels and a Maggie if I feel like using it.

Items: Chaotic Evil Cleric(+6 Suspension +5 Life Tap), Quasar, Antagonist, Bones.

The build is what I think fits the use of the Cleric COM the most (while having Scorn). I like to compare this to trickster builds because both the Trickster and Cleric (chaotic evil) give fire rate and Life Tap. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this build?

-Chaotic Evil COM gives more fire rate than Trickster COMs. (though not that much)
-The COM gives extra crit damage. 4/5 in Mind’s Eye gives more.
-You can only put 1 point in suspension for 7/5 and put the rest to Kinetic Reflection for more defense against bullets.
-5/5 Kinetic Reflection plus Antagonist gives you a lot of Bullet Reflection. The reflected bullets also counts as your bullets which can proc Cloud kill and Life Tap.

-This cannot compete against LSiren/Binder/Cat/Trickster Builds in terms of DPS.
-While you are well protected against bullets (as long as you kill things), you can’t really say the same against non-bullet enemies.

This build also works well with Jakobs weapons due to their multiplicative crit bonus. I’m just using bandit because I like those guns.

I’m currently running through the main story in OP8 using this build (currently in Arid Nexus) and I’m actually having a good time using this build since it fits my close range playstyle. I had issues with Jack’s double and will most likely have a hard time facing Jack himself but I always had that problem. It’s just a personal issue, though.

I look forward to seeing different builds here that use uncommon item combinations. I would love it if I see someone post a Black Hole build here for OP8 :grin:


I’m having a lot of fun catching up on this discussion as posts come in. I expected a lot of variety, but there have been a few little surprises along the way.

It’s also interesting to see posts about how weapon slots are managed. As Derch touched on, I don’t like stopping the game in mid-fight to swap gear out, so I’ve made it a point to look for sets which allow me to walk into any given area and go start to finish without pause-swapping gear. My default set lately has been Grog, corrosive Pimp (with corrosive Bone), Bekah, Harold. I’ve done runs in the Peak without swapping any gear at all from start to finish and was able to do that reasonably comfortably. I say ‘reasonably’ because Dukino’s Mom took longer than she does with a corrosive Sandhawk + Cat COM, and the 4x Assassin spawn is rough without a Quasar, even when you have Thought Lock to keep them reasonably grouped. This same set also works great in places like WEP, Hero’s Pass, or Arid Nexus - Boneyards, where there are enemies of varying types.

The bekah does a lot of work for me in the peak

Same. I thought it would be a bigger gamble using that against D’s mom and the Assassins, but it worked out well. Mom took longer than usual, but it wasn’t eventful otherwise.

As an added bonus, I like the reload animation. For some reason, I migrate to guns whose reloads appeal to me. Dahl SMG, Bekah, Pimps, Hyperion pistols, Hyperion shotguns… In contrast, I dislike the Maliwan SMG reload, so I don’t use the Hellfire as often as I could for how great it is.

Its the spin on the bekah reload I love, and I never run into ammo issues with it. I will sometimes swap to a corrosive hail on DM though.

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I might use your build for solo op8 raid.

I must be the only Maya player that avoids Scorn- mainly because I got tired of killing myself every time I opened a package, chest or skag pile…:sunglasses:

Scorn is the big orb of slag? Yeah I dont use it either, played around with it, but eh, not for me!

Not for me, either. Find I deal enough Slag as it is

Out of curiosity, how were you doing that? scorn deals almost no damage.

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I was also wondering that

I use this for mobbing and bosses with phase lockable enemy’s.
Sometimes I replace The 3 is suspension with 5 in life tap and scorne depends on the area

I don’t either. I use Ruin and slag transfusion grenades instead.

True, but it’s very easy to get killed when you’re slagged.

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Hit X to open box- slag self. Get into fight before health or shield recharges or slag wears off. Or worse, open another container before health has completely regenerated and Scorn is active again = FFL with no enemies around…