Smart-Gun XXL Gigamind

The description of the weapon says that “becomes a Turret, shooting enemies until out of ammo” but the Turret runs towards the enemy and explodes. Someone else? Is this the desired operation?

I’ve only ever seen it suicide into nearby enemies… Weird I never actually noticed that text before.

Did you check the mag? It starts with the ammo capacity of the moment you threw it. So if you mag was empty when you threw it, it fires none. I find it’s difficult to make it shoot since it is 2 ammo per shot.

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It’s what I’m testing now, and yes, it shoots, but only 3 or 4 shots, not the remaining mag.

So was my case. I thought it also consumes 2 ammo in turret mode, so it empties own mag quicker then expected. I didn’t go on full speculation tho. I just sold it xD