Smexy mag3 SMG topic (GOTY Enhanced as well as Original Borderlands)

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Can’t. There isn’t a Vector Acc cause Double takes that spot on the Dahl. you can only have 1 acc per weapon.

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I mean like you only change that double acc to vector acc.

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Can you change prefix to desert?

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Well that’s is weird…

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Ok, check it out! I had to grab the ‘desert’ prefix from the “global pool” now we’re good.

edit: I normally work with the drop down menu selection. this is the first time I went into the global pool to get it.

and here is your Vector acc…

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Not realy I whant to compare to that tediore

So I whant to see Dahl with that parts like this Tediore.

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I thought I already posted this.

edit: and I did. if you scroll up a few. this will be shown. this is what started it cause I couldn’t figure out how to get the Desert prefix to display.

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Thanks that’s what I whant to see. So yeah Dahl - 70%RR Tediore - 64%RR

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thats all you wanted to know?! should have asked. that was the first thing that I figured out once i got it to display as legit. Dahl should always provide more recoil. I was puzzled until now. Thanks Gearcalc!

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Yes, I know that Dahl have more RR than Tediore. Thanks again😃

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It’s got the Desert mat(the D after 130). The reason it’s not showing as legit is cause you don’t have auto-naming checked, right above the calculate button. Auto naming checks for prefixes and titles. In this case it knows that Desert and available and has a higher priority than Malevolent, so this gun shouldn’t exist in BL1.

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dayam! that is sweet.
reload must be crazy fast.

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It is like blink of a eye lol

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Dayam! once again Tech. posting some epic finds. that is sweet.

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