Smexy mag3 SMG topic

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This topic is for all SMG’s that have mag3(banana clip). It took a lot of time in these forums to bring me to this point of loving the mag3 clip on SMG’s in Borderlands. They just look so damn Smexy(sexy). :star_struck:

Post your finds of SMG Mag3 finds here for all to enjoy. This is much like the Sexy mat2 topic thread. I did a quick search thinking this thread was already in existence and to my surprise, its not. Allow me to indulge…

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Really like that blue tourge. That with the twisted barrel would be my new corrosive smg. Iooks like it’s got mat3 too.

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Man this guy loves mag3 hahaha

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The reason I created this thread is because I wasn’t a fan of mag3 until a bit of “education” from the good forum members in here shedding some light on the perks of mag3 especially if elemental. After a bit of “learning” I realized why everyone was for the mag3. So this is kind of a shout out to the peeps in here educating me, and now I just love seeing the mag3 no matter the rarity of the SMG. Aesthetically, its superior to all other mags. Smexy! SMG Mag3 Sexy!

mag3(Part) 3(Model#) +8(Size) -20%(Reload Speed) +2(Tech) Fast-reloading tech banana-clip magazine
From the Wiki

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Word. It’s my favorite as well

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you’re among the educated in here… :wink:

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The reload speed on Mag 4 and 5 always had me preferring the mundane Mag 2 over those rarities. I prefer reloading between kills, and slow reloads annoy me.

Mag 3 is definitely king for SMGs. The aesthetics are nice too.

I also like Stock 3 on both SMGs and Sniper Rifles for both the appearance and increase to tech level. Bonus mention of Scope 3 on Sniper Rifles for the same reason.

Borderlands’ weapon system is funny in that way. Higher rarity does not always equal best.

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Just one more reason why I love this game.

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I get the feeling there wasn’t a whole lot of testing done before they launched bl. I’m about ready to put up my blue rarity mag 2 body1 anarchy cause it’s completely overpowered at level 37.

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man that’s a smexy hellfire. :star_struck:

mag3, barrel4. this had potential! :grin:

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That gun is really cool and the aesthetics too.

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