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Bill pointed you in the right direction. “Automatically removed quote of entire previous post” - it’s a new thing that was introduced a week or two ago where you cannot quote a post in its entirety if your reply is the one directly below the quoted post. There are pros and cons to that, and I’m currently undecided between them.

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It happend to me as well not too long ago.

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thats a nice one.

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Looks cool but not going to use because that sight5 lol

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Dammit I want a corrosive bitch like that one. My best one is explosive and explosive smgs are just kinda lame.

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Man…as good as that stinger is it hurts to see at 66. Perfect otherwise

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Yeah I didnt pick up and honestly I prefer Hyperion or Dahl stingers.

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Yeah torgues don’t hipfire worth a crap. I bet that’s important :wink:

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Yes, here is my favorite Hyperion for hipfire.

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