Smexy mag3 SMG topic

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That is drooltastic

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I was thinking if I would like that one more if it was mat2, lose some damage but 15 fire rate I don’t know.

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Well at least now we know exactly the difference between barrel 3 and 4 hahaha

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Yeah, now someone have to post one with barrel5 lol

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I probably have one somewhere. .sheesh

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Post then.

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I have these big ideas of increasing my mule space and then meticulously sorting out everything…separate gun types and shields and coms and blues etc…but it’s probably not gonna happen lol

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I have 3 types of mule character:

  • Pearls
  • Purpule + Blue
  • Legendary

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Edit cause I can’t reply lol

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Thanks for posting lol

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Haha NP. I think I might actually use that hellfire. It’s pretty cool and not stupidly OP like good hx body ones.

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I still use hx body but lvl 44 Iol

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