Smexy mag3 SMG topic

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I can’t love this comment enough. Kudos! This is much needed. for the original. the later installments part systems are relatively simple in comparison.

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Well, I’m having fun discovering such things, so at least we have something to talk about.

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just imagine, not needing to ask someone to gearcalc this for you. You can pull up the menu and tab over to that section and analyze your weapon find/drop. have the pictured item(s) parts be a specific color of rarity/quality and provide the buffs/nerfs said parts provide to that item. My mind is going crazy on that thought. I have the menu built in my head already. :blush:

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There could even be a mission to aquire the needed software like the grinder kinda in tps.

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But you cant check in that program if gun have twisted barrel?

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If you plug in all the known data and then switch between the 2 barrels it should show the price difference in gear Calc and you can compare that to your gun. I think

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That mystery might not be solvable with what we’re talking about. I would just like to have the gearcalc ability ingame. that would be fantastic.

and that leviathan trick sounds a lot like that Bandit E-tech RL in BL2. Those orbs come crashing down to the ground if you shoot them straight up in the air. And it seems like they multiply on BL2 cause the raindown effect seems to last pretty long in relations to how much you fire upward.

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I kinda understand that, better would be for me if they fix bugs and adds more pearls. Man we are going so off topic lol

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its ok, it’s my thread. Off topic is welcome…especially from you Tech. :wink:

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Hot women and monkeys!!!

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that’s what Scooter has to say, but what about Jakobs corp?

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not too bad for the very first one :slight_smile:

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its beautiful. too bad on the no scope tho. :star_struck:

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I prefer smg without sights, I wish I know if it is twisted…

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my thoughts exactly. lol

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I will check my mules later and see if I have something I can compare with.

(odiscordia) #302

Idt there’s anything to compare unfortunately. It has the same stats as reg3 so unless there’s an obvious boost to tech tier ( on a stinger for example) thats on the card, there’s no way to tell.