Smexy mag3 SMG topic

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sometimes, I just stare at my equipped smg’s and how smexy they look. :heart_eyes:
Man, I really want to find a mag3 barrel4 Hellfire. that would really balance my slots. All would be smexy.

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I want to do some more research and I know you’re mostly into the aesthetic. .but from what I can tell twisted is superior to barrel4 in every way. I believe using gear Calc you can even tell the difference between twisted and barrel 3 on a hell fire. .another project.

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I would agree from a tek standpoint. But for damage numbers, you’ll get the highest with barrel4. and on a Hellfire, you really don’t need more tek, imo. But, for the others, like my Fulgurating Stinger, I would prefer Twisted barrel, mag3.

edit: I think my Fulgurating Stinger does have the twisted barrel.

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I’m not so sure about that actually…twisted has a dmg buff also that’s why those stupid spinny guns always look amazing on the card…we gotta look it up now lol.

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I’m trying but I am falling short with Gearcalc. I’m not very good and working with gearcalc.

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Idk…I just looked at the wiki thing and it says barrel3 and twisted3 both have 10% to dmg. But I swear thats wrong. I just remember I had 2 guns that were essentially the same…one shock and one explosive. The shock had 4 and the explosive twisted…and the twisted was a little better. Its not too far back on the finds page. Explosive doesn’t get less dmg penalty does it? It was more accurate too. It does also say barrel4 has a +35 to recoil which is gonna hurt your ability to crit. More research…

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Part … Damage
barrel3_Twisted +10% -50% -30% -30% +4 Visually identical to barrel3, but confers a very large tech bonus on weapons with an elemental accessory.
On weapons without an elemental accessory, however, fires low-velocity rounds that travel in a helical path, ricocheting off of obstacles, and leaving visible tracer in the air

Part …Damage
barrel4 +30% -30% -10% -40% +35% Highest damage barrel.

from the wiki^

as I stated earlier, barrel4 has the highest damage. :wink:

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I don’t trust that thing

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The highest damage I’ve ever seen on an SMG and it was elemental was with barrel4. I"m with you on not trusting the wiki. But, I would go with it in this particular case. it makes sense too. With more recoil you should get more damage which mitigates its a affect to the non-savvy. it’s balanced in borderlands terms. lol

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Calling bill the betta!! I don’t know how to tag! Hehe. Your mission…if u choose to accept it…is to build us a gun and give us the stats with barrel 3…4…and twisted on It. I’d also be curious to see a non elemental study also.

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I got you buddy.


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It is most definitely possible. On an elemental the twisted fires strait and gives a massive tech boost. It looks identical to 3 but usually you can tell cause the tech tier will be unusually high. That hyperion mat2 corrosive hx140 i posted is a twisted. Of course on a hell fire it’s more difficult since the tier is always x4.

twisteds are my fav. I also have a tourge hx540 corrosive twisted. .x3 and 190 dmg. Turn that into a 530 or a 130 and I’d be twisted right to heaven

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Mmk, twisted gearcalc things.

barrel3 untwisted techy: x2 proc, 146 damage, tech level 11, tech pool 44
barrel3 twisted techy: x3 proc, 146 damage, tech level 14, tech pool 56
barrel4 techy: x2 proc, 167 damage, tech level 10, tech pool 40

If you wan’t a techy gun for tech’s sake, hope for twisted. Otherwise, might as well have barrel4, as its damage beats out the small tech standard barrel3 has over it.

I kiinda thought I remembered twisted SMGs having big damage numbers, but it’s been too long since I’ve played enough to be sure about that.

Fun fact, stock5 gives the same +1 tech as stock3. With its superior accuracy and recoil ratings, it kinda makes stock3 an inferior version. This is new to me, and I’m a little suspect, but I think it’s unlikely it’s inaccurate info after all these years.

gearcalc things, might not be game accurate, but gearcalc is usually right on these things

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Thanks bill. I knew about stock5. Always thought 3 should have one more point at least. Hx530 twisted FTW!

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Since I suddenly became the "gearcalc go-to guy"which is totally not a thing I’ve been learning a few things myself. Notably, that the “part3 gives extra tech” trend is not as near as universal as I thought. sniper barrel3 gives no tech at all, smg sight3 is techless, smg stock3&5 give the same boost, sniper barrel4 is essentially the tech and damage barrel, da da da

all those examples are smg and sniper things…
uh anyway
I used to live in a happy little world where I saw part3, I got happy in my brain cause I thought it was a juicy gun.
That world is over now.