Smexy mag3 SMG topic

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Haha haha so much yes. Hey bill, I appreciate you. OK new project. What is…the highest possible tech level gun in bl? I know the fire hawk has a massive amount…hellfire of coarse…but what gun with what parts is king?

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I remember rocket launchers having a lot of tech because they come x4 right off the bat, no matter the parts. So maybe a rocket?

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Crap I just realized I hijacked Kurts thread…apology. I’m gonna go find some mag3s now :slight_smile:

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No worries brutha. I welcome offtopic replies. Especially when its the tight circle of friends we have in here. :innocent:
Its always a good read.

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P.S. After more browsing I found out that hellfire is still better…
Here is some smexy mag3 for ya Kurt…

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So that’s it? That hellfire?

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even if it is inferior to stock 5 I still like the look of stock 3 waaaay better. sexy stock 3 and mag 3 combo :smiley:

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ok double posting because this just happened and I thought it was hilarious.

another 330 smg and this one is floating. I took the opportunity and took off my gear for this cool pic

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This would’ve been downright cute if it didn’t have the stock. barrel2 isn’t great, but it is pretty taticool and compact looking.

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agreed. the reload speed is insane. :smile:

Stock5 adds a bit of tech which is probably why its X3 and not X2.

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