SMGs with Splash Damage

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I just got Moze to Level 50, and have a smg damage on both artifact and com. Granted, this probably won’t be my end build, but its fun so far, and I want to see what I can do with it. Blast Master build. I picked up the Westerguns needed (easy farm to give me an idea of what I can do, and covers all elements).

I would really like to find a kinetic smg with splash, but have no clue if anything like this exists. Anybody have any idea if there are any NE SMGs with splash out there?

The Handsome Jackhammer has a huge splash AOE when you chuck it on reload. The Hyperion alien barrel SMG (I think it’s called the hivemind) does splash damage, though I’ve only every had them drop in elemental, so I don’t know if they come in kinetic. I think Tediore also has a non-legendary alien barrel SMG, haven’t played around with it yet

Ooooooo. With the ammo efficiency, that would work. I’ll keep an eye out.

I think all of the alien barrel stuff is elemental. I at least haven’t seen any drop in kinetic. I was hoping for some sort of ogre smg equivalent, but that is really just a pipe dream

The Hellfire is a pretty good splash damage SMG. It’s not kinetic, but elemental weapons are generally much stronger anyway.

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Kinetic is for a fall back on too many stacked debuffs in M3.

Granted, that did not seem to matter on my test runs, but I have two slots I need to fill, weapon wise. I’ve been using the Westergun for my goto smg. Good Stats, just got buffed directly and indirectly in the last couple of hot fixes

I think the Vladof alien barrel AR can be kinetic, I honestly haven’t been paying that close attention — there are so many classes of interesting weapons out there.

UPDATE: The Dahl alien barrel SMG does not do splash damage.

Eviscerating Mocking Neubula is a purple gun that is the highest rated smg in the game…It does splash and it has the highest elemental dmg of any smg in the game.

I’ll have to check it out. Does it change to fire? I don’t really like that.

It has a version that does every element in every combination of two