Smoke and Mirrors on game length

Anyone else believe that Gearbox deliberately added all the talking scenes on Sanctuary as well as a few other items just to extend the length of game play?

Yes, I know BL2 had some as well, but in BL2 if Roland was talking you could advance the quest at times by talking to the right person. The talking scenes where you can move around were done in such a way in BL2 that you could keep doing things to advance the game.

BL3 uses these talking scenes to literally stop gameplay. If you were to remove these scenes as well as a few other little game stoppers, the time needed to complete BL3 would probably be shorter than BL2, and I am not talking cut scenes, just points where you have to wait for Rhys to finish talking, or Lillith to finish talking, or a multitude of other people just talking.

I finished TVHM speed running in around 8ish hours and a good 10% or so of that was probably waiting for people to finish talking.

Come on Gearbox, instead of trying to slow everything down, just let us enjoy trying to do speed runs and timing ourselves, as it is it isn’t very fun to do the campaign 8 times to get all 4 characters done with TVHM in preparation of the next DLC. Once was barely doable, after that it is just painful.

We already know the story after 1-2 times almost by heart, get rid of the unskippable talking points.

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Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants a game done with in 5 hours. That might be an industry standard these days, but it doesn’t mean everyone wants it. Why would I care about speed running a story mode? I’m not sure why anyone would, to be honest. Let’s be completely fair, a large percentage of the people on here moaning about every last thing over the last month will be gone from the game in another couple of weeks, playing their next 3 hours game, leave Borderlands to the people who actually like playing them as they are.

Yes this game has issues and is far from perfect, but it’s still Borderlands, and those of us with an attention span for a game longer than a month will still be enjoying this game in 2 years and beyond. Don’t come making such requests for no reason other than you don’t want to wait.


It has nothing to do with being done in 5 hours.

Do you really enjoy a game where you have to sit and listen for a monologue before you can continue?

I understand wanting a game where you can take your time and move at your own pace, but that really has zero to do with the fact that they actually put in points in the game JUST to stop it from advancing for a period of time.

It’s kind of like making the bosses that go immune when they reach a certain damage threshold, it doesn’t make the fight better or more exciting, it just frustrates people who have to sit and wait on a boss they could kill in 3 shots because of the immune phase.

And as for who will still be playing BL3 after a few months, those are the exact people who will NOT want to have to wait for every talking point the game makes you stop playing for, they will be tired of it after a few runs.


The 4th time…no. But 1-3 yes. Even so, a complete playthrough runs about 50 hours. Take out ALL dialogue and cut scenes and you now are down to (being WAY generous here) 48 hours.

Not sure where your thinking.

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Being realistic here: No, I don’t think that those scenes were added to stretch out the game. They are just signs of bad pacing. All Borderlands games had some pacing problems and BL3 absolutely is no exception. But the game has definitely enough length and is way above industry standard in terms of length and content. It doesn’t need to add an hour of dialogue to be long enough and if you ask me, they could’ve even cut some stuff and it would have been more than fine (looking at you, useless turret deactivation and Carnivora!).
Also, if we look at how long an average first playthrough can take, then that hour or so of “talk to Lilith” is negligible. Basically, adding 3-5% talking to an already big game doesn’t really make it bigger.

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