Smurf Account Discussion

I’m just simply going to create a thread dedicated to discussing smurf accounts as it has somewhat derailed this thread :sweat_smile:

I myself first heard about smurf accounts being a thing in general about a week ago or so. This means that I have basically no clue what a smurf account entails or what the requirements are for it to be a smurf account. Therefore, I’d like to get a few questions answered. Both to make sure that I myself as the OP know what it is and also so that we all agree on the premisses as it seems to be vague at times.

  1. How experienced does the player in question need to be, as a general rule of thumb, for it to be considered a smurf account?

  2. Does the intention of the creation of the account matter?

  3. Do the implications of these accounts in Battleborn differ from other communities?

  4. Is it considered to be a smurf account across platforms (e.g experienced PC player creating a new account on the Xbox)? Why? Why not?

  5. Does the skill level of the person in question matter?


To me crossing platform isn’t a smurf account, and with the elo hell of battleborn they have less impact than others would think, there isn’t any “newbies only” que to take advantage of so smurfing doesn’t have the same capacity to harm in my opinion

for example another game I play: planetside 2. It has a “continent” that is restricted to lower levels, I made another character in a different faction(which is fully supported, you can have 3 characters) and was destroying a few people on an enemy team…from 400 meters in game…after I realized I shot the same guy twice I I went back to the “normal” continents where I could get destroyed and not feel guilty for sick sniper shots


It would depend on the game. Say some top tier players on OW went into competitive together on smurf accounts to stomp some players and screw with their rankings. That example, it would be frowned on. But there really isn’t anything like that in Battleborn.

I wouldn’t think so because it’s a new account in a new community. Smurfing is to create a new identity in a place where you already have one.

It varies from communities based on how matchmaking is handled. If their is a “New player” queue than going into that queue would be frowned upon. If a game has a strict ELO than the new account would find evenly matched games fairly quickly.

Nope. Unless it’s something like being locked out of your original account, but at that point I wouldn’t define it as smurfing.

I’d average is the where second accounts can be considered smurfing.


I’d almost say smurfing is even beneficial in this game for a short time if they don’t start as premades again.

There has to be some skill based preselection voodoo going on while teams are formed. I can’t understand otherwise why I wasn’t put into the team with 1 open spot when a friend asked me once if I could join QM to fill their team, but the game put me into another group with one other solo queuer.

Fresh Elo would put them into the “noob category”, teams would be random in skill and if the smurf is a hard carry, that team might even have a little chance against what matchmaking put them up with in what so often feels like a top down search instead of bottom up.


1 more experienced than a new player.

2 well, yes. I have met some pleyers who dont like a hard match and only like to win and they actually enjoy killing new/less skilled players.

God they even laugh and enjoy when new players dont know how to surrender or quit the game!

3 probably not UNLESS they are in a premade of sumrfs.

In other games you get ranking or get items while lvling up, smurfs can stop or slow your progres to the point of being imposible to enjoy the game.
New player would not enjoy bb is if they got matched vs smurf premades over and over.

4 no because we dont have cross plataform saves, so you cant per se smurf.

5 well yes and no… If x person is not skilled there are 0 chances to be a spoted as a Smurf, but a skilled player is like a star in the middle of the night, is suspicious.

You can spot a smurf based on their knowledge of the game, i have met rly skilled new players but they lack the knowledge of the game.

In my experience when i used a “smurf” account i got fast match making, pseudo balanced matches but i got 20+ kills and lots of minions while my teamates couldnt find their own base.

I dont think it helps to balance mm as the mm is doing a beautiful job with low elo players, then you are there wrecking everyone and everything.


Debatable. When I started playing on my Xbox account I was pitted against teams of high level players fairly often. I think when your ELO is low, your chances of an even game are the flip of a coin.


Come back to ps4?

Edit: did you started with qm or incursion?


I’m playing on PS4 more often than Xbox. Don’t worry fam, I’m not leaving you guys.

I started with quick match and some incursion later. But quick match on Xbox… It’s stressful. Maybe because people though I was a low level Rath and I could get farmed but everyone there was running around like it’s TDM. But let’s not talk about that, we can’t derail the topic if we aren’t even a dozen replies in.

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They are blue skinned with red or white hats and pants so they are pretty easy to recognize!

They are caring, kind, and helpful to a fault.

They live in a remote village, which I guess leaves them with not much to do other than play Battleborn, which I guess is why they are so good at it.

Know your enemy:


australians? xD


Ohhhhh, cheeky!



My personal opinion to these questions

  1. Experience doesn’t matter, creating a new account on the same platform is smurfing, it’s a dirty way to play and I do not condone it. I might be posting later the names of smurfs I know so word is spread and people who don’t do this aren’t surprised when a command lvl 10 Caldarius is expertly diving them in sentry

  2. The intention doesn’t matter, even if it is to “extend the life of the game” or “boredom” it’s a very ■■■■■■ way to play the game. Again, I have first hand experience with smurfing on The Last of Us Remastered, smurfing is a good way to kill off your game. (Why? Well when other people realize that certain players have 2 accounts, then they give up on playing the game)

  3. Implications as in how? Loss of player base/players who wouldn’t make a second account for the game? If implications is meant as problems I would say it would take a toll on the moral of the community as a whole and first and foremost, that gray area of players who still play the game quite casually or are not in the top competitive percentile, ending up in a community level (at least on PS4, can’t speak for Xbone) reminiscent of PC and from what I hear, we DON’T want that.

  4. Not a smurf if cross platforming, but at least have the decency to make yourself identifiable. I personally think that people would have a little more integrity than to hop to a new platform and a new name, but gamers will do anything to win, so shrug

  5. No skill level doesn’t matter. If you make another account in any game, regardless of skill level, you’re a smurf. Plain and simple.


Garrus, that applies to Last of Us but that’s because games like that can actually have proper ELO. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Battleborn’s ELO makes smurfing more harmful to the actual player doing the smurfing than the community as a whole. Your arguments apply to other games but have no real hold with Battleborn because of the way matchmaking is handled.


Don’t know why anyone would care about “smurf” accounts unless they just quit when they see that they’re matched against a player that they recognize and know are better.



The real question is why have more than a few elite players either been revealed to have made smurf accounts or openly admitted it?

Were people just seeing their names and dodging matches against them consistently, or what is the reasoning?

If these people cannot find matches as easily because their merciless / cruel / Uber-serious behaviour has given them nasty reputations, that just seems to me like karma at work!

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The people I know who have smurf accounts are not like this at all, and I’m not a huge fan of all these terms that get chucked around such as “the try-hard group” and stuff like that.

The guys are just good players who are all friends and have a laugh just like everyone else!


You know, I may not have a smurf account on PS4 but I can defiantly see why some of the more “elite players” would want one. Some of the people that have established their reputations as the best can’t actually play a relaxed game. They are immediately recognized by everyone, casual and vet. When someone sees someone they recognize as a good player they tend to break out the full tryhard.

It’s been ages since I’ve gone against Miss Sharingan’s crew without them having Beatrix and an S tank.

Nemo, Vagrant and Garrus will almost always have to deal with Deande, Toby and Benedict counters. I see haloblade streaming and when he does he plays new characters and very casually against most people he runs into. If he runs into someone he recognizes he’ll play his better characters and make sure his comp is meta. When I ran into Codarik’s crew a few nights ago, they had two S tanks, despite the fact that I was solo queue, had a DC on my team and one low level. Last time I fought your five man in Incursion your team had 4 bola’s target finders and pretty much every time I fight your team in Meltdown you go Galilea, weather I’m solo or with a team.

It’s stressful to deal with that ■■■■. It really is. I like competitive games but sometimes I just want to sit down and relax a bit. Play casually without trying too hard. But because of the fact that I took the time to improve and become better in the game, I am punished by never having those laid back games. The closest thing would be fighting low levels that don’t know who’s who yet and in those games I just mindlessly focus objective to get it over with quickly.

I played on my Xbox account and I’ve had a blast not being known. I made a friend, who seems to know who’s who on Xbox. He told be before a game started that we were up against a few people that were pretty good. I expected some meta characters on the enemy team because what happens to me on PS4. But no. The worst thing they had was Shayne and they didn’t abuse any legendary gear.

I could totally see some of those

people just wanting to sit back and enjoy a game without being forced to try their best.


too true.

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@blainebrossart1 @ashbweh

Good points, thanks!

Ah, elite player problems!


Couldn’t agree with you more @blainebrossart1, whether it’s in public games coming against someone I know, or if it’s in 10 man scrims, I wanna be able to try out different characters. I played El Dragon recently against okay people and had a blast, but if I was to use him against people I knew, likelyhood is there will be a Galilea or something on the other team, and there will simply not much point in picking him!