Sneak Peek of Borderlands merch up now!

Hey all, just wanted to give a heads up that we’ve got a blog post up with a sneak peek of some of our upcoming Borderlands product from our partners. Its got our list of partners for product to date + first photos of several things.

We’ll also be doing some additional sneak peek-ing today on our Instagram Story on the @GearboxLoot account: (If you read this late and miss today’s Story, just stay tuned to that account, we are planning on much more in the future.)


looking forward to that artbook.
also glad to see Gaya-Entertainment and Bioworld on the list. The merch those two produce is often very nice and easily to pick up here in Holland / Europe. Would be nice to see the GearboxLoot merch made available through them here in Europe to cutdown on those tax&shipping costs. Nice to see that there are also going to be more “wild” items available.

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All I want for Mercenary Day is a hat. A nice ball cap style hat with a Vault symbol on it. Mayhem is nice, but a vault symbol is more universal.
Pretty please?

I’d like to see a t-shirt with the Torgue logo on the front, and TORGUE MAKES THINGS EXPLODE! End of sales pitch! on the back. :3


A few of us have mentioned we’d love Fl4k’s class mods as plushies and Keychains like the Tiny Tina Bunny Plushie


I DEMAND a Moze & Iron Bear statue at lest 6 inches to 1 foot tall!! ( pretty please):hugs:

Super excited about the hoodies and the collectibles!

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I have the Zer0 hoodie still from the BL2. Would love to see a FL4K hoodie similar to that as well.

I’d love something Moxxi or Tina related, preferably a statue, and I’d pay good money for good ones.

And I don’t mean garbage like flippin Funko pops or them stupid ducks. I really want something decent, not stylised tat. Everything online atm is stupidly priced for what it is or plain tacky like the Pops, even then a Tiny Tina pop is not only rare, it’s 20 times what I’d pay for one of those bread headed monstrosities. I’ve got a Moxxi pop, that was a present though from someone who knows I’m a BL fan.

they do have a Moxxi and a Tina statue figure coming out soon for like $50 each.

i went back to the gearbox loot and am gonna get a CoV hoodie and a shirt.

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