Sneky Snake Build

I do love my melee characters and and wanted to look a lil more into pendles to see how much he can contribute in a match besides the ol “having a pendles on the team makes it a 4 v 5” saying I hear a lot. I’m quite happy that there will be a patch to Marquis’s owl reveals so he doesn’t completely shut him down when a good Marquis is playing.,-1,1,1,1,1,-1,-1,1,1,

In this build we are going to lose the attack speed. I see many pendles players use atk speed gear but I always thought of pendles as a thief in MMOs which are usually extremely fast and versatile. The more you are not in stealth the more vulnerable you are so atk speed works against him in my opinion.

Gear: Sketchy High Tailing Boilmakers (+move +sprint -heal)
Hastening Bloodhound (+skill +move)
Sketch Hightailing “GreyHound” (+cooldown +sprint -heal)

Alternative: any sprint gear , movement gear with - healpower and cool down gear will work nicely as well.

With that gear set you can just tell by reading it you will be going fast. So even when getting revealed you can step up to the plate get some hits in and run.

Helix 1 you can go with extra smoke bomb or dash on injection helix. Either works, you will be going fast
Lv 7 helix you will get the coil so you can jump over groups of enemies and smoke bomb them w/blind
Lv 8 helix will be bountiful bombs so by this time you can pass out free blinds too all.
Lv 10 helix can be either or depending on what your team needs. With the massive speed you can pass out free wounds to all.

Basically you will be using your smoke bomb as initiation, (your speed will be your escape) blind groups of enemies pick out the targets that benefit your team and your team SHOULD be capitalizing on this moment as well. Blind w/ shadow pillars, w/ more blind w/ bubble w/ stun w/ slow, whatever your team can do they should. Then you can attack to finish whoever you see on low health. This build also helps switching lanes in meltdown a breeze.

On the off time you will have enough speed to do extremely fast shard runs, steal enemy shards, destroy buildables when needed and buy big bots. Remember though, you will be staying with your team 90% of the time. You basically become a big nuisance… if the enemy team is focusing you, you are doing your job.

I know there are a lot of builds out there but this is the one I had a lot of fun with and contributed vs good players. I know many people have different play styles but hopefully this will help some of the players that are looking for a way to play him.

Hope this helps!


That’s because it synergizes with left at level 9 and his early mutation to let him procc it faster.

Good build

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Yea, that does synergize well with atk speed build & thanks :slight_smile:

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I play Pendles a lot, and we have really similar helix choices. I got with Right one level 1 and Left at level 9 though, and furry of blows (middle level 3) makes a huge difference in my placestyle. Our play styles are slightly different too. I tend to run an uncommon fist item (+atk damage, +atk speed after a meele hit), a white shard generator, and either a white wrench or an uncommon skill damage item with a secondary atk speed after meele hit.

If you’re running the skill damage item, go health steal on injection. This has a great impact on your survival during miasma.
I tend to initiate fights with meele atks, if they try to run i use injection. If i get low, smoke bomb. Its a similar playstyle to Attikus, go for minions and buildables till level 3 and have the atk damage item.

I’m excited to try out your build!

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That’s a cool way to play him too :slight_smile:

When facing a group and using miasma, I usually just run around everyone dotting them to be annoying, if I get there attention I then blind for more Dots and go for the person with low health after, lol. Lots of mind games but hopefully that gives the team time to push and capitalize . 1v1 I use it like you but that’s really cool how you can life steal on injection so you stay alive.

If I see someone by himself I engage with melee, most likely they will turn around and then I would smoke bomb right after to blind them… strife around (or they will expose their back themselves trying to run) and hit them with a sweet spot injector then finish it with more melee attacks. That should be enough to finish any squishy :slight_smile:

Hope you find it fun

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This seems like a pretty poor usage on an ultimate. You’re easily spotted while using Miasma so it isn’t like they have no idea where the Miasma damage is coming from, and Miasma’s DoT is pretty inconsequential by itself.

If the goal of your Pendles built is to be a mobile harrasser, the way Miasma is intended to be used works fine for that purpose. If you took the Injection dash, even while uncloaked you can escape quickly because of the lowered cooldown after piling the Miasma and Smoke Bomb DoTs with your Injection slow (and/or the DoT if you took it).


Correct, mobile harasser :slight_smile: works really well especially when you are running around with +20% movement speed (Not saying I use it for that purpose all the time). If you get their attention then blind them. Gives quite a bit of time for your team to move up. If you do see someone with low Heath then yea, take him out. Lots of combos you can pull off with teammates doing that too but I’ll leave that to everyone’s imagination

Mostly use it like that for incursion I may add

You did your job… now your team can push up because you are distracting the enemy with your easily visible ult. Sometimes it’s not about the kills just in case.

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If an saw an opposing Pendles hanging around my team just ticking off DoTs with his ult and doing nothing else I’d ignore him, and then call out a CC if/when he changed his mind and revealed himself. There’s nothing dangerous enough about some short range 24/s ticks to distract an entire team, especially when all it takes is a normal CC skill to shut it down if it’s an actual problem.

Unless he’s participating in a team gank, Pendles can’t idle about with his ult. He has to drop a bunch of damage using the lowered Injection cooldown, disorient with Smoke Bomb/movement, assess if he can continue to engage with the rest of his ult timer or if he should escape, and follow through on either option.

Your right… if you are idling with the ult then it’s useless and asking to be CCed. If your team is fighting for certain choke point then you see a pendles ult- enemy team advancing… then a blind. What will you do? Run toward… most likely running straight toward the enemy… run back. Pendles did his job and now the enemy team advanced. Stay and fight… enemy team has the advantage. I’m basically talking about this in a team aspect kinda way though…

So your argument is that Pendles needs to burn his ult, to prepare for his blind, instead of just blinding them?

What I’d probably do is drop an AoE skill or a CC at the best spot for one ahead of my team to stall out the advancing enemy team as soon as I saw Pendles running in with Miasma proc’d, wait one second, and then see if Pendles made the poor decision of sticking around after prematurely blowing his Smoke Bomb. If I’m playing a character who can be singled out for big damage on short notice during a blind, I’ll probably shift to a slightly safer spot if I had been standing in an open area in the choke point (that is not to say I am falling back, for an example take Monuments - If I were on the stairwell aiming down lane, I might just step behind the wall for a moment, or behind the pillar if I were on the ground level).

Then this all falls under team composition which a good player would consider and advance accordingly. This is all basically generally speaking. In my above message I did say

So yea, most of time you want to just initiate with the group blind like what you said. I’m not literally saying to blow your ult and that’s the best way but what I am saying is that you can use that as a tactic if you see it as fit.

I basically made the thread just to help others if they needed to find another way to play or if the gank pendles isn’t working for them. I played this build and I was able to contribute more for the team

I’m not disputing the build, just the tactic concerning his Ultimate. I don’t see dropping a single bomb and a few seconds of a mediocre DoT on a team every 50 seconds or so as enough of a distraction to affect the flow of a match because as I was pointing out, good players will ignore him or just hit him with a CC to stop Miasma. Injection is the threat he needs to deliver, which necessitates coming out of cloak.

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A visual representation of gear for all your Sneky Snake needs. Also, to everyone who might not have these, they of the Rouge faction so getting these from Rouge packs is your best bet.


This is my pendles loadout

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Farm the enemy shards and give them to my team

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Flank the enemy and boost my hp and dmg

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When you make a 1vs1 a 2vs1 this ends the fight rly fast.

When i play pendles i try to gather the enemy shards, help with minions and make sure to make every single fight a 2vs1,-1,1,0,-1,1,0,-1,-1,1,


I love playing quarter master bin with pendles. However, I was never a big fan of 3 legendary loadouts. Maybe fun to run in incursion but meltdown is more about spending shards on buildables. Very nice build though :slight_smile:

Meltdown has a bigger amount of shards! And starv the enemy is easier !

Actually i only use 3 legendaries only with pendless, even tho i cant buy buildables im increasing the team shards income in 30.

Sometimes i use the go go juice instead of bola’s to move faster in meltdown.

Lucky… I opened so many rogue packs and never got GoGo Juice. Always wanted that legendary but never got lucky. Yea equipping that would make shard runs a breeze and your teammates won’t hardly have to leave lane

If you have aria encore, bola’s, voxis core you can do thrall rebelión in 17-20 mins with pendles