Sniper Fl4k run on Slaughter Shaft M4 lvl 53

This is my Fl4k Sniper build on Mayhem 4 using the Wedding Invitation.

I’ve been having success with a Gamma Burst build using the Red F4ng Class Mod and Gamma Burst Anointed weapons. Specifically a Gamma Wedding Invitation as my main weapon. Pop GB, Skag distracts all enemies, point…click…delete :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried a M4 run, but it’s extremely potent up to TVHM M3

I wish I knew how to make videos like this with my Xbox One X

This was really cool though.

You should be able to record video the same way I do, with Xbox Game Bar… I don’t know how to bring it up in game on an Xbox, but look it up and you should be able to record your gameplay.