Sniper Maya build (I'm sorry if I might be blind.)

How well does this kind of idea works out? Since Cloud Kill is no longer useless, I can see Phaselocking them, shoot them for a crit (cloud kill happens, while at the sametime as slag + elemental effects too!) might be a bit over kill though, I mean if their slagged than a crit shot might not be worth it TOO much…

It’s still in rough draft ok lol. I’ve checked if someone did this already and I didn’t find it, so unless I’m blind (and I might be…) than can somebody help me?

Derch has his twisted pimp build. Really with Maya all you need to do is phase lock let ruin slag them and shoot. Stuff shouldn’t last long. Throw on a bee for harder stuff.

Sniper Maya is a thing… Accelerate, Mind’s Eye, and Reaper are quite good for this. I snipe with Maya, and I’m only marginally built for it. There are actual builds around here somewhere though.

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I wouldn’t go as far as saying that there are dedicated sniper builds for Maya, but her skills make her the second most effective character with a sniper after Zero. It’s the synergy between some of her skills that makes her so effective, and most of these skills are cornerstones in every Maya build. Since none of these skills are restricted to sniping, other guns will get the same benefits, and that’s why I say that there are no dedicated sniper builds. They’re simply included in the package! :yum:

Maya is a great Sniper, but more so on Coop than in solo play. This is because she is a great support class as a healer and her abilities and her effictive range for Phaselock to target an enemy further support every Team as mid-to-more-or-less-far-range-sniper.
Her ranged crowd-control does a ton for the whole team!
As stated above, she is viable with most weapons at most ranges, so the sniping does fit her as good as everything else. A sniper able to fight on its own is something rare and very appreciated.

With that Twisted Pimp build, I sorta changed it a bit. All I did was add in the skills that got buffed and took away the less important skills that he was “forced” to add to. Here it is, I think it looks nice.

This is a solo build (for me) so I took away the skills for “Res” and “Restoration” and just added them to “Mind’s Eye” for more damage, I could put them into “Life Tap” but he’s very correct by how much you heal with only 2 points lol. The 4/5 in “Flicker” shouldn’t be THAT bad, it’s still very high with the Legendary Siren class mod. I just love “Helios”/ “Cloud Kill” since they got buffed :slight_smile:

What about cool-down though? Wouldn’t it be better to through these points into Quicken for a sniper-focussed build, since you want to be phase-locking as frequently as possible?

Sorry I’m aware you didn’t ask for critique.

But I recommend you revisit Immolate, it is the biggest damage buff Maya can get. It ensures that if you drop into FFYL you will almost always get a second wind without needing a launcher.

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For mobbing she can keep up with zer0 sniping because phase lock just makes it easy to crit, also chain reaction >b0re for mobs.

On bosses it can be hard without the pimp but can be done for sure.

But yeah so many great snipers to use with her

Bone and legendary siren already give a lot of cooldown

Maya can make effective use of Jakobs sniper rifles and Jakobs in general, in fact there are few weapons of the sniper variety that do poorly in her hands. She is also the only other individual besides Zer0 who can make effective use of Jakobs hand cannons for general usage.

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