Sniper/Melee Build?

Does a build like that exist? What weapons would i need? And is there a video where i can see how to play the build?

I believe there was one called the pimpslapper.
Here ya go

If you are looking for sniping but want Many Must Fall in your build, maybe a Leg Sniper with Jakobs is what you need. A good ol’ Muck can be played effectively even in UVHM without stacking CA, but I cant say about OP levels.

Are you familiar with Zer0’s sniping and melee capabilities? If so… just do them both? You would still use your favorite sniper and melee weapons, and just mix them up? What sort of answer are you looking for? At some level, Zer0 has few skills that don’t work as advertised, so you could almost do that play style with any build. I ask, because when I think of sniping, it generally precludes melee because if I’m within melee range of an enemy, I’m doing it wrong.

If you want to combine them, so you’re not really sniping from a distance, but more using a sniper rifle like a one-shot combat rifle at close range, maybe using melee to finish enemies off that don’t die from the rifle shot, the only thing I might change is using a Buffalo or Elephant Gun as my main.

I do this sometimes with my Vladof allegiance Assassin; I like to use an Infiltrator COM with +11 in Be Like Water and lean heavily on that play style (alternating weapon fire with melee to get that damage bonus). The bonus isn’t as large as it might be with points elsewhere in Zer0’s skill trees, but I’m not min/maxing here; I just find it incredibly satisfying to properly choreograph all his damage enhancing timers.

Well i like the pimpernel a lot. I got the sweet spots figured out and can use it up close without the need to ads if i need to. I want to have good sniping for mobbing and huge burst with melee. I checked that pimpslapper guide and it seems what i am looking for. Now my question is what kind of guns goes with that build except the ones mentioned there? @Adabiviak @boombumr

Really, anything? Heck, go sniff around for a bladed Pimpernel and do both! Seriously though, 0ne Sh0t, 0ne Kill is great with shotguns, especially ones with big barrel counts and low mag sizes (so that skill is on deck more often). Plus, when you’re in melee range, those shotguns connect better.

I’m afraid I can’t really answer that as Zero is my least played and I’m not really as up to date with his stuff as other chars.

I think @leww could help here.

Sniper rifles that aren’t the Pimpernel: The Lyuda is one obvious choice for a Critical Ascensi0n build. The Pitchfork also puts out huge damage. The Skullmasher is one of the best sniper rifles for hip-firing, great for medium range sniping too. If you ever use an amp shield, the Hawkeye can easily outperform the Muckamuck on critical hits.

Other gun types: Ladyfist, Bitch, Conference Call, Bekah, Twister, Law, Maggie, Striker, Coach Gun, Quad, Hydra, Jakobs Gatling Gun.

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