Sniper only m3 playthrough,looking for advice (finished)

shiet forgot to post the build

potentially threatening enemies identified: agonizer 9000

side quest bosses??? not completed

Build will mostly center around monocle +overkill to be ammo consumption friendly and it will also be pure Playing dirty setup with barrier/clone or barrier/drone probably still on maxed hitman tho. undercover to CC and from clone synchro and donny or synchro and borrowed time, clone is only used for swap dmg.

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Funny idea,
You could use the it’s piss grenade. Basically just buffs your snipers and does not really do anything visual-clutter-wise.

With rerouter shield then I guess?

I don’t know how tight you set your own rules, but you could use a scoped one pump chump as a failsafe if you run out of ammo. That’s basically like a snipe isn’t it?

I wonder if the clone screws your overkill dmg if he kills something or if that’s added or ignored. :thinking:

Good luck with that, maybe that’s a good thread to link your Twitch account, so we can watch?


m8 i can barely run the game it is all stutter city when i stream in 720P to do stupid proof videos to irrelevant people, i struggle a lot actually :d I’d be glad to do so post performance patch but sadly with snipers stutter is very harsh.

rule wise only sniper rifles.

As to it’s piss it won’t work because i am going two action skills and it is not a homing nade so i won’t get anything from clone throwing it from sniper engagement range. But thanks for advice, i think only kind of nade that will really work will be in the spirits of homing module and probably cryo, i’d like vladof sprinker nade but i think those come as lobbed only.

Shield wise probably rerouter as main but if it will get harsh probably back to transofrmer or stop gap.

i don think clone can bother the overkill since he can barely do any dmg without boom enhance and he won’t be having any augments at all. Would be funny to see it in the field tho.

Also KV will probably be a bitch not what i think of it. that will be a challenge and a half.

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Ah, that’s right, it’s piss is lobbed delivery only I think. Maybe longbow works if the clone has clear sight, so nagata and generator-tranfusion could work, with the latter being better for rerouter.
That’s all for my ideas though.
Well then, let’s hope for a performance patch really soon.

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I really don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been covered mate, though perhaps @Puretek can shed more light your way.

Storywise, and dependent on your sniping chops, I can’t come up with anything that wouldn’t be doable with snipers in M3 right now. Ammo would be my biggest concern, but as you say, the augmented Monocle/Overkill should mitigate that for you.

If you’re running barrier, I’ve had a fair bit of utility from the shock augment, in terms of keeping melee swarmers at bay. Good for blocking off bottlenecks while you line up those crits, despite the added visual clutter. Not sure if you’re planning to head that far down the tree though.

Whatever the case, a full sniper playthrough sounds like a blast. Would love to hear how it travels for you.

yes transfusion is on my list as well i am just very unsure if clone will be able to hit anything since i will not be positioning it, only used to swap therefore god knows where he ends up when he gets a chance to throw lul, maybe just cryo atlas non mirv nade?


i might attempt to stream it after all but my gut feel is my machine won’t handle it. in terms of Barrier augments i am probably considering Dome +reload speed shield recharge delay for rerouter, for non rerouter i am not even sure going down to CC unlocks shock augment. So it might end up as a non option. krakate an fire storm should deal with melee swarmers fine according to my experience. now cryo varkids are different story gotta dig deep there, crit on tail ton of hp and fast rhino rush, pray that clone takes the hit :d

i might have potentially liked that purple vladof sniper in cryo that you get from quest reward but i am not bothered with cryo either, my points might go into raedy for action and adrenaline but CC and adrenaline do not particularly love rerouter being at 50% capacity half the time :d on the other hand brainfreeze is not friendly with single shot guns and since lyuda is just bossing option that will also be wasted investment. choices choices

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Definitely add Soleki Protocol. It’s extremely strong in elemental modifiers. Can easily one-shot normal enemies, and can also potentially one-shot badasses. I already did the whole story and even the anointed prisoner side-quest in The Anvil with sniper Zane, so I would say there’s very few if any areas you absolutely cannot do. Cold Shoulder is an excellent weapon for aoe burst freezing. I don’t suggest using the actual sniper component, but instead just using the underbarrel RPG. If you fire it and then switch to another weapon afterward, then wait for it to recharge, you can switch back and fire the RPG without waiting to switch modes again. Playing Dirty also will double the RPG, so having two big rockets that insta-freeze anything in front of you for two sniper ammo is extremely nice.
And one more weapon I’d suggest is the Headsplosion. With Playing Dirty it’s capable of having six Jakobs ricochets in one single shot. Very useful for any areas with tightly grouped clusters of enemies.


Yo one is as mentioned quest reward and I can not get it ATM

As to others any of them a dedicated drop? I can not farm world drops

Yes, Headsplosion drops from Manvark


gotcha, when would you use it over monocle?

Hmm, probably any close range situation, and definitely when fighting multiple uncovered enemies. With six ricochets it’ll do very well at area softening and clear.

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I will attempt to start today @Superfr34k i actually did it through all the stutter :smiley:

for anyone interested you can come here

i will porbably farm menovark if i find time for it, thanks.

breezed past katagawa already i feel like rerouter is rather redundant


Probably gonna tune in to the vods, but I hope I’ll get to catch you some time!

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i am looking for this thing with 130% dmg on swap or bonus corrosive/fire in annointment

been farming aurelia for 3 hours but only non annointed drops.

Any idea what it’s perk is? 2k dmg seems pretty sick

it is elemental jacobs that is helluva perk. sadly 2k is fixed and it is not so great, considering purple jacobs hit 3.2 3.6k raw dmg and cryo only gets bonus on armor which is few and far between but still a worthy addition to a setup since i have ton of slots as i am only running snipers.

got past rampager no deaths or any kind of trouble yet. all annointed died reasonably well even without lyuda. i almost feel like i am not even handicapped from not having nades or any other guns.

p.s. ice queen turned out to be dope utility weapon i so wish it was not part locked and i could roll 4 mag but bigger damage.

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I’m mad they didn’t put the Amigo Sincero in here. I was hoping it would be a BL 3 weapon since they just released it on the last DLC for BL2 a few months before BL3 dropped.

I miss skull masher more he’d love brainfreeze

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Hehe, Amigo/Trespasser Vs Katagawa…