Sniper position on overgrowth

you shouldn’t be able to get into that sniper ledge from the front. I cant tell you how many times an enemy has just gotten up there and killed our sentry from there because half the people I get matched with (even on the competitive playlist that is supposed to match you with players of similar skill) seem like they don’t know how to defend and don’t realize that they have to be aware of other entrances(common sense)

The team that controls the mid is the team with the advantage. If you hold mid then your sniper can snipe in peace. If your team isn’t holding the middle ground then you’re going to have to seriously fight to hold you sniper’s ledge.

yea but most of the time I cant because I’m holding the line and since 50% of the teams I get seem like they don’t know what they are doing I’m usually the only one to realize there is someone in the tower but I cant do anything about it because I’m holding the line

They shouldn’t have put the box, but they did.

It gives the team with mid control a lot of power. As before only about 5 dudes could get up there and a lot of them needed levels before they could.

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