Sniper rifle conundrum

I got a few sniper rifle… but I must sell some (stash space! :frowning: )

First the obvious suspect

As far I understand Lyuda does damage x3, so they are roughly equivalent, ain’t they?
(Except fire rate… I guess Lyuda wins thank to it), might be a weak Lyuda…

This one ain’t too bad as well with high proc chance of lots of damage… though it’s one of those slow Malliwan… But I like the elements it has

And finally this

Damage seems lacklustre at first… but I understand it does x25 damage on crit, is that right?

The lyuda greatly out performs the null pointer, if you had a non elemental variant of the one you have now it would probably have around 1200 damage on the card.

Also with the lyuda lower mag size means more base damage, you happen to have one with a rlly large mag size. I have a non elemental lyuda with 10 mag size which has about 1800 damage on the card

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Oh… I got a bad Lyuda! haha
Thanks for the comprehensive answer! :smiley:

hey there! I know, you dont want to hear that. If you already have space problems, then i whould get rid of anything non annointed. just keep the good stuff. i know it hurts. i had to do it myselfe, several times now. now i sell old annointed items to stash new annointed items. its pure hell. i kept just the lyuda and the monocle. yes monocle does x25 dmg on crit, but not in fade away from fl4k. you have to hit the crit by yourselfe to geht the x25 dmg. the lyuda is going to get nerved. but i whould also keep it. then if you find a better version of the same weapon , just switch to it. oh man when i hear myselfe talking about it, it makes me sad. hopefully this will end soon and we can store all the items we want. Just hold on to those 2 weapons and you will be good. you play amara ? maby keep the elemental sniper too. thats too hard to decide :slight_smile:

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Non elemental isnt necessarily bad, but the base damage on the card will be lower if you have an elemental one. For example a fire weapon will do 50% bonus damage against flesh enemies in normal mode and 75% in TVHM. Usually this means that an elemental variant will outperform non-elemental weapons if used the right way

picture for reference


In fact I switched to Mayhem 3 (from 2) yesterday, since I got my Annointed Alchemist

I have my previous OP weapon for edge case (such as armor or annoying shield)

And, well… game is pretty easy so far, I cant believe it! :open_mouth: :smiley:

My main is a siren too. i also go with elemental. its so much fun. i never used the alchemist before. i really have to try it.

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Oh what I forgot to say was the monocle has a hidden +500% critical damage modifier, hence the “one is enough” text on the card

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Tharic is right. i was wrong

The red bonus is that alchemist does electric damage as well, but it does electric damage to yourself as well while doing so. Which is a perfect recharge shield combo with The Transformer! :smiley:

oh man and the elemantal projector. it just blew my mind

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I don’t have any elemental projector :frowning:
Doing the campaign again in TVHM+Mayhem3, hopefully get some cool loot! :smiley:

i had to farm it violently :slight_smile: its a very rare drop and then you never get the right rolls on it. i love it . hehe

i got my first one from giga mind, then graveward gave me several in the boss week. and 1 from the ice queen in the anvil also from boss week…

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I’ll try farming those boss a bit…

I only Farmed Captain Traunt so far, about 2 hour of farming. That was yesterday, my first farming run.
I was pleasantly surprised! :smiley:

i framed traunt from desolations edge, i took all his soft serve, but i never got a elemental projector artifact from him. i also saw it on the internet, that he can drop them. i am just not lucky enough i guess. yeah try framing them. you can farm the graveward very easy with a combination of fire cutsman, a lyuda and maby a lucians call. just takes a fewe seconds to kill it.

i also found a fewe awesome items.

they really nerfed the elemental projector ? i cant belife it. also the blue weapon is just a fun item, not strong, but it playes very hard metal musik when you fire it. its the best thing i have i my collection :slight_smile:

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oh and btw. the headsplosion sniper rifle is the single best sniper i have ever tried. its a true sniper. please dont nerfe it gb