Sniper rifle needs change

You don’t need a sniper in Borderlands 3.

Sniper rifles are also used as just rifles

  1. It would be nice if you basically attach the unique effect of a monocle to every single sniper rifle.
    Of course, the effect can be low or just change the monocle.

  2. Or, it would be nice if a special effect was added when zooming with a sniper rifle.
    For example, ignoring the shield and armor and hitting the first HP, when the first HP becomes 0, the enemy dies.
    Like Guardian’s first HP is Shield. so just i called it first HP, not a health

  3. Just incredible powerful damage buff
    This definitely won’t be good. Because sniper rifles are not easy to achieve the right balance between RPG and shotgun

I hope you can patch it so that I can enjoy this game more.
At least until the scheduled DLC6 is released
And i will be happy if you add more content of Take Down and Slaughter.

Snipers should one shot. The ones that do are good. The ones that dont arent. Simple as that.

I’ve always been skeptical about sniper rifles in Borderlands: enemies tend to spawn in your face and rarely you have a vantage point.
That is, until I played Aurelia in TPS.
She’s the perfect incarnation of a sniper in a Borderlands game. You can play the whole game, from mobbing to bossing, without equipping a non sniper rifle EVER. And have a lot of fun at it to, without feeling underpowered or having the need to switch to a different playstyle.

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This. Even if you clear out some baddies, more will crawl out of the walls when you get close. For better or worse, this ain’t a Far Cry game.