Sniper Rifle Scope Sensitivity

Sniping is so hard when you scope in and the sensitivity it increased so much. Maybe I’m not used to it or its a bug. I really want try and snipe but its impossible for me. Anyone got tips?
I’m on console so it might be that.

It can be a little twitchy on console, just try to use slow/small movements on the thumbstick. It’s also easier when you’re not rushing it, which is why FL4K does it so well - they all chase the pet while you can hang back and pop skulls!

There’s a separate ADS sensitivity slider in Settings > Controls. Maybe try tweaking that a bit to see if you can find a point you’re more comfortable with?

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I did not know that!

Try turning aim assist and that kind of thing off as a fellow console player I hate them for me personally great for less able players but I often find they throw me off more than help like lining up the perfect shot boom aim assist pulls me away -.-

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also often aim assist can pull if an enemy crosses your targets path it’s in accessibility options