Sniper shots Striking Allies

I like playing Marquis. I really do. But there is an issue that I have when trying to snipe with a team of allies. Most of the time I snipe my shots are intercepted by my allies and make them completely useless. It makes it hard to be a sustainable and contributing player when your trying to snipe Rendain and four out of your six shots are accidentally blocked by a melee character.

Is there a possibility that a ‘Bullets pass through allies’ code or algorithm be created by the programmers to benefit Marquis and other firearm users, or should I/we just suck it up and deal with potential wasted shots?

oh god, no. please just no. Literally, the only thing keeping Marquis on the right side of balanced is that he can’t blindly fire through allies.

as a less visceral reaction: It helps keep ranged characters balanced. You have to line up your shots, choose your position, and pay attention to the position of your allies.


True, it does keep him balanced. I didn’t think of that XP.

I was thinking more during the Rendain fight I mentioned above that it was hard to contribute because allies key intercepting them.

I wish for my shots to pass through allies, but I know how overpowered I can make it be… So i completely agree with this:

On the other hand… I wish I could actually MOVE THROUGH allies so i could reposition myself and not be stuck between a large character and a wall and get furious with it, removing collision with allies or at least changing it so it isn’t 100% blocked shouldn’t pose too much of a problem except some gameplay strats that might be getting abused.

Collision with enemies is another story and should always stay.
About the gameplay starts that can pose problem to devs if they remove collision on friendlies in PvP is that players will start to abuse it by sticking close to each other, and trade positions, forward/backwards and that way soak up more damage by splitting it.

So I might think that removing whole collision on friendlies will also be a bad idea, but reducing it shouldn’t pose too much difficulties, being able to move through an arm or two just to get past wouldn’t look that bad?


Marquis is already OP with his lack of any bullet mechanics and higher DPS than anyone else in the game at any range. I dare you to play Thorn then ask for some buffs to your class :3 Heck even Toby and he is super ez mode compared to Thorn as well. At least in the sniper role… Thorn played correctly will absolutely destroy those two classes.

I have a wild idea about some mechanics to his Sniper Rifle/Bullets.

I hate how you can reduce his recoil and make it less skillful, I wish that the recoil would be like doubled, without any chance or helix points of reducing it… so it’s actually difficult to land consecutive shots rather than stack max attackspeed and not care about recoil at all despite not taking the -60% recoil helix.

I feel like his sniper deals so much damage and fires with so much velocity that it would have double the amounts of recoil it has now.

Some sway would be nice too… Doesn’t need to be a lot but it would help making those ranged shots just a little harder.

He does have sway

Marquis (in my opinion) in not over powered, he is very squishy and easy to kill if you manage to close the gap, especially since a little left and right movement on the way to him will almost guarantee he misses. I play a large amount of Marquis right now and I can tell you that there is currently a glitch that makes it look like you are aiming at a person but when you fire you completely miss. I don’t know if it is lag or something else, maybe he has a slight bit of bullet velocity to account for but i doubt it.