Sniper Sniping Question

This is not solely a Zer0 question, but it is proving to be more relevant with the Sniper Zer0 I’ve been working through NVHM (and just starting TVHM recently.) So, to the question:

With a sniper build, and particularly when trying to take advantage of Critical Ascension, what do you do to keep landing crits when you have enemies that like to bob, weave, and otherwise move erratically?

Some of the rat variants are particularly bad for this, but there are plenty of other skittish types. If this was TPS I could just freeze them in place, but Zer0 is not Aurelia! So, any tips to share?

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I’m hardly a Zero CA expert but from what I’ve seen try to find one big and relatively slow enemy to use to stack CA with by using a low level sniper (so that you don’t kill them by mistake). One of the things I got wrong when I first tried using CA was my belief that you needed critical kills- you don’t, you only need critical hits. Find that one R.O.U.S. among the rats and use them to stack CA or a Goliath when fighting bandits, etc.


Some of the enemies are just a PITA to get crits on, but the Pimp makes it a bit easier. Even if enemies bob their head all over the place, their bodies are relatively still in comparison, and thus offers ways to crit them with the Pimp. Rats usually run towards loot, and thats when you have the window of opportunity. Deception is very useful for getting behind enemies with shields or frontal armor.

If all else fails… Invite Maya! Phaselock for te win! :yum:

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Yeah I agree with carlton. But try and find a sniper with a hogh rate of fire. Typically in op8 when I stack critical asension I use levek 20 purple bolshy. I usually try to get one with no element. I think there might be a better sniper than that though. The one with the vladof barrel (whatever its called been a whilemsince ive played). And stack on slow enemies.

This build requires a lot of patience which is why I stopped when I hit op8. Still fun to use though :smiley:

Check out MoLLF’s awesome Critical Ascension / Lyuda vid :


I foresee some farming in my near future… Quick gear question: what would be a non-legendary sniper that would be closest to the Lyuda for TVHM levelling purposes?

Droog or Strike

From the

T0p Gear f0r Zer0 - Videos being added; list complete


Taken from the master himself:


crit machine... get 2.

for the vladof one get a droog (vladof barrel) with the bolshy accessory (mag size) +vladof stock;

for the dhal crit machine get a strike (hyperion barrel) with the liquid accessory (stability) a dhal grip and hyperion stock. (do not get a dhal stock on this gun because it adds a round to the burst, which in this case you don't want)

if you can only get one get the droog. the dhal crit machine is the mob runner, the vladof works too but the dhal one upkeeps your stack in a way that prevents you having to make a stack dummy in the field. the droog works in both situations but the strike doesnt boss stack effectively. the strike is a much better mob crit machine than the droog tho because you don't need to dump 50 bullets at a time into ca once your running a zone.

A bit more of information on crit machines as stated by Dotanuki:

Ok, on critmachines
The Strike, Liquid prefix/Stability accessory (the foregrip). Suppressive does not make much sense since fire rate does not affect burst fire.

The Droog, Bolshy prefix/Mag size accessory and/or Skorry prefix/Fire rate accessory. With a 91% sniper ammo relic, Bolshy will drain full ammo faster because it gets one less reload over Skorry. But for the ammo you get when you kill yourself you only get one reload either way, so Skorry is faster. So when boss stacking, ideally, Bolshy for the entire pool, and then swap to Skorry when you kill yourself for ammo. But for stacking in the field, Skorry is better/faster.

As I mentioned above, the Invader can also work as a CA stacking sniper, as well as CA main killer weapon.
What you basically want in a Critmachine is a low level (normally level 8 - minimum level for snipers to drop from loot chests) sniper with fast fire-rate and low recoil as possible so you can fire into the critical hit spots of enemies as accurate and as fast as possible so you can stack CA and then switch to a more powerfull sniper and start killing enemies. With this in mind, both the Droog and the Strike fall into this category and are the preferred snipers for this job.
Best parts: All Vladof for the Droog; Dahl grip/Hyperion stock for the Strike
Best prefix: Skorry or Bolshy for Droog; Liquid for Strike
Drops: Best place to farm them is on the Southern Shelf map, Normal mode

EDIT: I have found some level 7 snipers in the Sanctuary or Three Horns Divide vending machines when a new character arrives for the first time, but their parts were not as good as the level 8 Kot Droog that I use. I’m still looking for a better accessory.


Diaub’s (Jakob’s with Vladof barrel) are a person fave.

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Lyuda is a legendary version of the Droog so that would be the closest one.

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You are awesome