Sniper Vault Hunter

I just thought of a nice Action Skill for a Sniper Based VH…
Imagine an Action Skill like an Atlas Tracker Gun + Zer0’s Deception wherein when activated, if u aim(w/ a laser) at a target/s for within 5 seconds-- all those ‘marked’ will have that one shot home in to its/their crit spot (the longer u aim the bigger the damage + the less targeted the more concentrated the damage). Its Action Skill Augment could be something like u can unload ur entire magazine into that one shot at the cost of sacrificing some crit damage (probably a cap augment). Or Increasing damage based on a meter how much aim time is spent on a singular target, reducing the time needed to aim, changes element, Multiple pellets, etc. idk.

Compared to Fl4k’s Fade Away, its more flexible skill in switching from mobbing to burst damage. An auto crit like Fl4k (minus the big crit damage) but not a complete Auto-aim like Nisha. And it really highlights whats so difficult in Sniping-- Aiming , by incentivizing distance and precision in its skill tree.

  • have skilltree capstones that multiply damage based on ur distance (but caps at something like 100m max)