Sniper Zane. Skilled play. No lifesteal, no dome, no double barrel.MH10 Vid

Time to shake up this community, I’ve seen enough of these videos that take no effort, it’s literally brain off autopilot.
A game is meant by nature to be a challenge, not facetank MH10 while under no threat. Lifesteal and barrier dome are the main issues with the game.

Challenge, Adapt, Learn, Overcome, Getting better.
These principles are removed from the equation with in built “skills”/gear that remove players real skills from progressing.

I want to inspire the community and show that actually playing the game and not having it played for you, is far more rewarding and engaging.

Hoping to see more skilled plays for a change and not the ezmode stuff all the time that anyone is capable of doing.

Cool vid and all, but yeah, obviously you don’t need dome or salvation if you’re always standing 50ft away with a one shot sniper and relying on old u for second winds. I’d love to see how you take on Wotan (or even just the valkyries) with a build like this. Otherwise, the “skill” isn’t all that impressive, tbh. Zane has a ■■■■ ton of damage now, almost regardless of what you do.

Most of this footage was pre MNTIS update. Only a couple clips had mntis update footage where you can clearly see the cannon in ability slot or kill skills.

I am not sitting “50FT away” i had many upclose shots so you are clearly spouting here. You also have to ADS and crit with monocle to do any dmg which the average player can not consecutively pull off at this pace.

Either you are full of it… or you actually can do better and I would be impressed and love to see.
That was the point of this post after all, to get more people posting things that are off meta and actually take effort.

The 1-shot on graveward required setup it was pre update, using infiltrator to break shield proccing the ‘amp on break’ anoint on one-shotter shield, then swapping to a +5 violent momentum antifreeze to hit the shot mid slide.

That all aside I only recently started playing again and these were random footage i had. I do plan on making a proper build video next based on this, showcasing it on takedown bosses.

I love snowballing overkill damage with a Monacle. <3