Sniper Zer0 with OP Levels

So everyone, I’ve decided I want to start playing as a sniper Zer0 instead of melee. I’m currently at OP1 and as melee Zer0 I’ve been struggling to get to OP2, my question to you is what gear do I need to get through the OP levels? I have watched a lot of MOLMF’s sniper videos but I still need some guidance, I know a Pimpernell is a must but when do I go for it? If I get it at OP1 when will it become useless? Any builds and gear I’d need for digistruct peak would be much appreciated from everyone.

The trick of a sniper zero is not using snipers. Plasma casters, bekah, pimpernel… These are some amazing weapons that get massive critical damage and can melt enemies in seconds.

Um come again sniper zero is going to use snipers. Also plasma casters don’t have increased crit. And the pimperniel is a sniper.

I’d re-farm every 2 OP levels or so unless you’re noticing it still being effective longer. As for gear, get a tranfusion grenade and an antagonist for gun heavy areas and a blockade/spike shield for creature heavy areas. For Dukino’s mom, I’d try an evolution.

Other gear you should look for if you can are the Twister for close-up encounters, the Bekah for when you want to conserve sniper ammo (don’t use Vel0city), and a Tina grenade for regeneration - a x4 magic missile would be best, but a chain lightning would work as well, especially against surveyors.

Just take it slow and make sure you clear out every enemy before you go forward. Retreating is a perfectly acceptable tactic, but you should not move forward while there are still enemies around. As far as I know, enemies don’t respawn in the Peak, so going backwards shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve never seen any thing respawn in the peak and it once took me over an hour for a run.