Sniper Zero and UVHM

I would like to take Zero out for a spin in UVHM, as a Sniper only build. I’m looking for a build guide that takes it from L50 , rather than the usual guides, which generally show how to build a L72 Character.

Ive got most of the toons in various configurations through to the end of UVHM (I’m not a OP sort of guy), but not a sniper equipped Zero. I struggled with it in TVHM - clearly I need to learn more about the mechanics at the higher level.

I’m on XB1, so its the real deal (find as you go without the patch), so I am looking for a great build guide that will get me to Level 72 realistically. ( do have a ton of reasonable gear tucked away for most levels, but not a lot of snipers)

This forum is full of knowledgeable, great players, and if someone remembers a great leveling guide that covers early UVHM, it would be hugely helpful.


Naturally Cunning needs to be full.

This is a good start (I based it off a purple Sniper COM - thus the single point in Precision) :

After you get enough points, you can trade those Kill Confirmed points for AOWtG :

Then work on getting Grim, Followthrough and Execute (which is a great way to get closer for a better shot).

At One With the Gun vs Kill Confirmed is kind of based on preference : ADS or hip-fire.

If you end up with a Pimpernel, take everything out of Velocity and put it into Precision or Kill Confirmed.

Last bit of advice : Sniper and Leg Sniper COMs have a shield capacity nerf built in. Not severe but enough that it’s worth keeping a lower level one. You might consider tubby farming a bit in the Dust for a Leg Sniper when you get to level 62.


Thank you so much.

I have at least 3 levels of UVHM pimps ticked away (although not necessarily best part versions), with Level 55 the earliest, and a bee shield at most levels as well, so that should be fun with Zero. Hopefully I have a couple of leg coms as well tucked away for later in the game.

Should be fun.


Rethinking my leveling a bit : from level 49 (that is, without that one starter point in Kill Confirmed) it might be worth going straight to KillingBlow or IronHand, Grim, Followthrough. That will give you more survivability.

And remember, sniper builds work great with big shotguns.

Have fun!


I will give the variations a try, see which I have the most with, based on the weapons I have.

Always so much to learn with this game.


Hopefully, this will help you as much as it helped me.


I use a sort of sniper build, well I use the L. Sniper COM. However my main killer in this setup is a Jakobs Shotgun.


A bit late but the way I’d do it is start with this:

Then to 61; max grim and get followthrough first before going to left side. Execute is optional but it’s great.

Then finish up the actual sniping tree to 72 and grab that last Rising shot at the end. If you don’t like Execute I’d put that point into Followthrough.

And that’s my old build right there, except I used to have 3 points Precicion and 1 Kill confirmed but it’s just better the other way if you aren’t going to touch shotguns.

Pick up the tankiest shield you can find that has a low delay/decent rate (some purple turtles have ~2 sec delay with nice rate, those are my favorite shields until the end). It needs to be tankyish but low delay and good charge rate is awesome since that allows you to double your deception as a shield refiller.

Leg. Sniper, Cooldown relic / Bones and a slag transfusion grenade with lobbed or longbow and as low fuse time as possible.


I’m finding Zero actually very interesting to play as a sniper/gun build, better than I thought.

I went back to an early level 35 toon i never finished, too learn how he plays when not focusing on melee. I used a level 38 pimp, a couple of L39 lyuda’s & bee shields, a slagga for defence, grog to heal, Harold to get out of jail, fastball and purple shield. All these weapons lasted well almost to the warrior.

I avoided the bloodshed tree and played both the sniper and cunning tree at different times. All were pretty viable. Into deception to get distance instead of melee was funny, and the Bee was a challnge at times. But it was fun.

I’m heading to rescue Roland in UVHM, but my usual strategy of getting the grog and snowman done early has kept him running along, albeit with the occassional fail.

Thanks to all for the advice.


If you are using Pimps and sniper com you’re putting out so much damage that forgoing the Bee for a more survivable shield is generally a good idea.

Harold is a nice FFYL weapon up close but with that kind of spec Pimpernel is more effective for that too and works way further than Harold does. You could also consider a Topneaa or some other good RL here for alternatives.

Fastball is a fun grenade for Zero although I’ll admit I’ve never really used it much since I like utility more than pure damage in that slot for the character. Since you have Grog you could give a try to Chain lightning for some pretty clutch heals. I also like it because it’s quite good at causing decent damage to surveyor shields. With Moxxi for healing that slot becomes quite flexible tho and there are multiple good grenade choises for Zero.

Deception is very flexible as an AS. You don’t need to necessarily capitalize on it’s damage every time. Relocating to safety, shield recharge and safe reloading all at the same time while possibly debuffing some enemy with kunais and maybe throwing out a transfusion (or some other grenade) is an excellent use of the AS without ever taking a shot or melee out of it.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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