Sniper zero End Game

Yup. I was trying to play it way too simple. Can’t depend on a single weapon.

Although I have to ask, but: “For really long distance sniping (where I’m going for the full damage potential of the Godfinger, for example” What is a distance where that rifle actually brings something to the table? I tried to like it. It has awesome potential. I just couldn’t see any damage that comes close to other rifles.

All of that was VERY helpful. Thanks.

@MOLMF Your reputation precedes you. I have noticed a few of your videos. I’ll definitely have to check out a few more.Good stuff.

So, all in all, I’ve got some practice and gear combos to set up… and a loooooot of practice.

Cool. Sounds good.

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This video shows the distances needed to get the extra pellet/multipliers of the Godfinter up to 14 (which I think is the max). If you add Vel0city to the mix, you have to go all the way back to the corner of the map and jump up on an antenna. At these distances, that x14 multiplier is hard to beat.

As I think about it, maybe I’ll make a screenshot showing the distances at which the Godfinger starts to outpace player favorites.


If the enemies spawn was made as you enter the map instead of geting near the points, Godfinger would rule with some points in Precisi0n and 0ptics.
I also think that Vel0city should make the bullets split faster rather than spliting longer.

Yeah, that’s the only map that I can think of where there’s a dedicated, stationary target from which I can take reliable damage and distance measurements. Some constructor spawns also come to mind as I think about it.

If only I were allowed to cuss on this forum… I would do so now.

Holy crap.

That’s awesome and slightly horrifying…

Ok, I did some testing to show how far you have to go to be able to out-damage other sniper rifles with the Godfinger. Character is OP8 Zer0 with no class mod, no skill points (did have a melee relic on though). and weapons are OP3, playing on OP0. The point is to show the Godfinger damage in relation to the other rifles, not absolute damage potential, since they should all get the same benefit from other variables (player level, enemy level, slag, Deathmark, Ambush, relics, class mods, and amp shields, for example) except for elemental damage bonuses, which the Godfinger isn’t capable of. For testing, all the rifles (except the Longbow and Cobra) are non-elemental.

First test: Hyperion Turret in Opportunity. The target is armored and has no critical hit points. Below is a list of weapons I shot it with and their respective damages (in thousands), sorted by damage

For the Godfinger to outdamage the Skookum Cobra in this case, it only needs a 5x multiplier, which puts you at the distance shown below to hit for 1325k. Further than this (up on the grassy knoll), and the damage maxes out at 3710k with the 14x multiplier.

If you add 5 points of Vel0city into the mix, you need to stand on the moonshot crate past the grassy knoll to out-damage all the other rifles.

Second test: Hyperion Constructor in the Highlands. The target is armored, but has a critical hit point. Here’s the damage:

Again, the Godfinger only needs enough distance to get the 5x damage multiplier to hit harder than these other rifles. The 4x distance (which pretty much matches the Skullmasher damage at this range) is shown below:

From Blake Bridge, you get the full multiplier for damage of 26008k. Here’s what that shot looks like when zoomed in:

With skill points sprinkled around that don’t include Vel0city or Critical Ascenti0n (and since it’s a constructor, no slag or Deathmark), a Legendary Sniper class mod and sniper damage relic equipped, he’ll hit for 97928k coming out of Decepti0n from the same spot on the bridge, which should be well beyond what other sniper rifles are capable of, given the same parameters. The Pitchfork, for example, with this same setup from close enough range for all rounds in a full burst fire to hit the critical spot hits for 91460k.

Elemental damage bonuses, when applied to the proper health type, are something that the Godfinger can’t get, but I still think the damage multiplier the Godfinger gets with distance will outpace that.


Dude… that’s awesome.

So basically you could F up OMGWTH if you respawn and have to shoot from the very beginning :smile:

Hmmmmmmmm, I may have found a use for this monster after all.

The Godfinger still isn’t worth using, though.

At 72 yes it is in my opinion. The godfinger is very underated, and for someone who likes true sniping. From very very far away. Havent tested it at op 8. But at op 0 it does very well with zero and even maya. Its just not good in all situations obviously.

It is not, however, capable of out damaging the Pimpernel if you get the pellet flower to pop in the critical spot and match elements (plus it’s way easier to get), in case you’re in a hurry.

At any level, it is an inferior option.

Just wanted to say, I’ve been collecting items and running the same setup as your OP8 sniping zero.

It’s made sniping fun again. Awesome. I’m really getting the hang of all the element swapping too.


Maybe so. But its still a good option in my opinion. Obviously theres better choices. And like i said its not good in alot of situations. But Its nice to try out and use all the weapons. And the godfinger is a very nice, change of pace.

Not to discount the awesome work you already did, but are there numbers on the Pimp if you hit the sweet spot and crit all shots?

Sure… I’ll put something together in the same context as the other testing I did.

edit - umm, I’m getting lower damage numbers for the Pimpernel 22183k (compared to the 26008k from the Godfinger). When I add an on-element Bone of the Ancients relic, the Pimpernel hit for 28534k). For baseline, unaugmented damage, I think the Godfinger (at distance) may outdamage the Pimpernel, but the Pimpernel may benefit from a few sources that the Godfinger can’t (health-matched elemental damage, elemental damage buffs, splash damage buffs, for example).

Anyone else down to confirm? The tricky part is that you need a Pimpernel and a Godfinger in UVHM at the same level. Give them to your favorite assassin and unequip the class mod, relic, and skill points. Go to the Highlands Overlook, drive down to the lower Catch a Ride, and walk to the front of the nearby tower. This should spawn a Badass Constructor. Then drive up to the bridge and shoot it in the eye with both rifles. We’re looking for the differences between the rifles, not necessarily compared to the damage from my own character.

2nd edit - B0re is what makes the Pimpernel shine, because it allows potentially all five bomblets to hit the critical spot per shot. You need to get I think at least three of them to hit the crit spot (and match the element to the health bar with a matching Bone of the Ancients relic) for it to out-damage the Godfinger at the 14x distance.

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Tonight, I’ll see what I can do. I’ve got a corrosive pimp, bone and recently traded for a godfinger. All are 72.

Of course I have no idea how to record it. I’m on console.

Just off the top of my head…

Matching Corrosive element gets a 1.75% multiplier

I’m not sure how that fits into the formula, but if it were a flat multiplier to total damage, it would come out to 38820K

That’s a very generous guess.

Even without getting those numbers just yet, we can check out how many damage points the Pimp would need to increase to match the Godfinger.It would only have to get an additional 3825K from the original 22183k. That is only a 6% increase.

However the multiplier gets factored in, I don’t see it making less than a 6% increase.

And yeah, Bore throws out every single number we can come up with. Just ask our old buddy Bunker.

Ran through Outlook a few times. The constructor refuses to spawn.

Hrmmmmmm. Got anything else?

If you run down here and go anywhere near where that constructor is in the pic, one won’t moonshot down?


Not by the stalkers?

I just looked it up from your on screen map. When you said “lower” catch a ride, I thought you meant the lowest one on the map :smile:

Going off your on screen map, it looks like it’s the Northwest corner of the map. I got it now.